What Is A Vertical Stretch

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Examples of Vertical Stretches and Shrinks Consider the following base functions 1 f x x2 – 2. The graph below shows a function multiplied by constant factors 2 and 05 and the resulting vertical stretch and compression.

Vertical Stretch Compression Vertical Compression Chart

C 1 compresses it.

What is a vertical stretch. Gx 2x 2. For example if we begin by graphing the parent function f x 2x f x 2 x we can then graph the stretch using a 3 a 3 to get gx 32x g x 3 2 x and the compression using a. Applying what we know on vertical and horizontal stretches we have n x 3m 14 x.

Compare the two graphs below. Multiply the previous y y -values by k k giving the new equation y kfx y k f x. Vertical stretch occurs when a base graph is multiplied by a certain factor that is greater than 1.

Similarly how do you find vertical stretch. What are the effects on graphs of the parent function when. We can stretch or compress it in the y-direction by multiplying the whole function by a constant.

While horizontal and vertical shifts involve adding constants to the input or to the function itself a stretch or compression occurs when we multiply the parent function f x bx f x b x by a constant a 0 a 0. This coefficient is the amplitude of the function. The y y -values are being multiplied by a number greater than 1 1 so they move farther from the x x -axis.

If the constant is greater than 1 we get a vertical stretch. Vertical Stretches and Compressions. 0 C 1 stretches it.

Click to see full answer. For example the amplitude of y f x sin x is one. Meaning n x is the result of m x being vertically stretched by a scale factor of 3 and horizontally stretched by a scale factor of 14.

Stretching and shrinking changes the dimensionsof the base graph but its shapeis not altered. 0 C 1 compresses it We can stretch or compress it in the x-direction by multiplying x by a constant. In addition a negative value of a will reflect the curve along the x-axis.

Write the equation of an exponential function that has been transformed. Lastly lets observe the translations done on p x. A vertical compression or shrinking is the squeezing of the graph toward the x-axis.

Note that unlike translations where there could be a more than one happening at any given time there can be either a vertical stretch or a vertical compression but not both at the same time. When we multiply a function by a positive constant we get a function whose graph is stretched or compressed vertically in relation to the graph of the original function. Gx 035x 2 C 1 stretches it.

Vertical Stretch of yx² The graph of yx² is shown for reference as the yellow curve and this is a particular case of equation yax² where a1. This tends to make the graph steeper and is called a vertical stretch. A vertical stretching is the stretching of the graph away from the x-axis.

How to identify and graph functions that horizontally stretches and shrinks. Also a vertical stretchshrink by a factor of k means that the point x y on the graph of f x is transformed to the point x ky on the graph of g x. When a function is vertically stretched we expect its graphs y values to be farther from the x-axis.

If the constant is between 0 and 1 we get a vertical compression. In general a vertical stretch is given by the equation ybf x y b f x. Vertical stretch and reflection The graph of yax² can be stretched by changing the value of a.

Learn how to do this with our example questions and try out our practice problems. This results in the graph being pulled outward but retaining the input values or x. To stretch a graph vertically place a coefficient in front of the function.

I will use the absolute value function to demonstrate vertical stretches and shrinks compression. Let 0. What is a vertical shift.

The amplitude of y f x 3 sin x is three. A vertical stretching is the stretching of the graph away from the x-axis. Vertical Stretches and Shrinks Stretching of a graph basically means pulling the graph outwards.

Key Points When by either f x or x is multiplied by a number functions can stretch or shrink vertically or horizontally respectively when graphed. Also by shrinking a graph we mean compressing the graph inwards. Stretched Vertically Compressed Vertically Stretched Horizontally shifts left shifts right and reflections across the x and y axes Compressed Horizontally PreCalculus Function Transformations.

A vertical stretch is the stretching of the graph vertically away the x-axis. If k 1 the graph of y kf x is the graph of f x vertically stretched by multiplying each of its y-coordinates by k. A vertical compression or shrinking is the squeezing of the graph toward the x-axis.

Horizontal and Vertical Stretch and Compression Horizontal and Vertical Translations with video lessons examples and step-by-step. If y fx then y afx gives a vertical stretch when a 1 and a vertical compression when 0 a 1.

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