Predicate Nominative Examples

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The linking verb is connects the predicate nominative my brother to the subject. Did you know that the pitcher was she.

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His crush is whom you are looking at.

Predicate nominative examples. My brother is the predicate nominative. A predicate nominative is a noun or noun phrase that redefines or renames the subject of the sentence. It comes after a linking verb such as is.

In this example fireman is the predicate nominative. A predicate nominative is connected to its subject by a linking verb. Check the examples below where the gerund phrase used as the predicate nominate defines the first part of the sentencethe subject of course.

This video introduces and explains predicate nominatives. The contemporary term for a predicate nominative is a subject complement. For example the following italicized noun clauses function as predicate nominative.

Doctors biggest recommendation is sleeping through the night. Sarah is a great friend. To check for accuracy flip the subject and predicate.

They are the ones who play sparingly in the preseason. Compare these two examples. Jonathan is a taxidermist.

Here Landon is the subject. Examples of Predicate Nominatives In the examples below the linking verbs are in bold and the predicate nominatives are shaded. The loser is whoever takes more than 20 minutes to finish this task.

Before that they were musicians. If the basic meaning of the sentence stays the same then it contains a predicate nominative. Landon is my brother.

A pronoun used as a predicate nominative generally follows a form of the verb be or a phrase ending in be or been. A predicate nominative or predicate noun completes a linking verb Linking verbs state of being verbs show that something exists. Lets look at another example.

In the following examples the predicate nominative is bold and the subject is underlined At the end of the tournament Tiger Woods was the leader. Nominative case objective case possessive case. Nouns – A noun is a name for a person or thing.

EXAMPLES This is he. Here are some examples of a predicate nominative as a noun clause. Quite often a linking verb is completed by a noun or a noun phrase called a predicate nominative.

Predicate Adjectives versus Predicate Nominatives. For example Ben is a fireman can read Ben equals a fireman without changing the point. The following sentences all have predicate nominatives.

The winner was whoever arrived at the finish line first. This video introduces and explains predicate nominatives. In these examples the underlined words are predicate nominatives.

The predicate nominative is the noun following a linking verb that restates or stands for the subject. A predicate nominative is a word or word group in the predicate that identifies the subject or refers to it. The predicate is the part of the sentence that includes the verb and all of the words that follow the verb.

John was a policeman. A predicate nominative can also be a noun phrase ie a noun made up of more than one word She will be the fairy. Here are some examples with the predicate nominative indicated in bold.

The problem is that you do not seem to care about the situation. Typically a predicate nominative has the same value or grammatical weight as the subject. A predicate nominative is always a noun or a pronoun.

A predicate nominative completes the linking verbs and renames the subject by describing it with another noun. Some common linking verbs include. In this case the noun in the predicate is teacher Teacher is the predicate nominative.

Your problem is that you dont listen to anyone. Here the linking verb is is completed by a predicate adjective John is a thief. Using Pronouns as Predicate Nominatives.

Nominative Case The nominative case is the sense that shows a noun or pronoun is the subject or predicate complement of a verb and is found by its position or use in the sentenceThere are three cases. A dog is mans best friend. Ronald Reagan was the 40th United States President.

Here taxidermist is a noun providing further detail regarding the subject making it a predicate noun. In this case talented is an adjective providing further detail regarding the subject making it a predicate adjective. Is am are was were be being been seem look feel and become.

I am an aspiring writer. Predicate nominative and predicate adjective. They do not show action.

In formal English pronouns that serve as predicate nominatives are usually in the subjective case such as I we he she and they while in informal speech and writing such pronouns are often in the objective case such as me us him her and them. The award is that you get a chance to go to London with your family. Leader is a noun and equal to the subject he Leader is a predicate nominative.

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