What Does Relinquish Mean

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The monkey wouldnt relinquish its grasp on the banana. He has relinquished his claim to the throne.

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What does relinquish mean. An example of to relinquish is a nation giving land back after a war is won. Sels relinquishing contact with Bett without taking the. Relinquish synonyms relinquish pronunciation relinquish translation English dictionary definition of relinquish.

It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Part with a possession or right 2. Release as from ones grip Familiarity information.

A man may relinquish a part of his claim in order to give a court jurisdiction. That has been withdrawn or retreated from Familiarity information. Resign a claim to the throne waive relinquish forgo forego foreswear dispense with verb.

Do without or cease to hold or adhere to 3. Usage examples of relinquish. Had to yield ground.

Relinquish is also commonly used to mean physically letting go of something. Release relinquish resign free give up verb part with a possession or right I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest. A forsaking abandoning or giving over a right.

She relinquished control of the family investments to her son. To give up or abandon. Relinquish is defined as to let go of or surrender something.

Relinquish definition to renounce or surrender a possession right etc. Synonym Discussion of relinquish. Relinquish definition is – to withdraw or retreat from.

Resign suggests formal relinquishing. RELINQUISH used as a verb is uncommon. To relinquish the throne.

To put aside or desist from. Some common synonyms of relinquish are abandon resign surrender waive and yield. While all these words mean to give up completely relinquish usually does not imply strong feeling but may suggest some regret reluctance or weakness.

What does relinquish mean. Weird things about the name Relinquish. The temporary character of American occupation being recognized throughout the treaty in accord with the terms of the American declaration of war in which the United States disclaimed any intention to control the island except for its pacification and expressed the determination to leave the island thereupon to the control of its people.

By the treaty of Paris signed on the 10th of December Spain relinquished the island to the United States in trust for its inhabitants. RELINQUISH verb The verb RELINQUISH has 4 senses. RELINQUISHED used as an adjective is very rare.

How unique is the name Relinquish. For example a plaintiff may relinquish a bad count in a declaration and proceed on the good. Relinquish the least specific may connote regret.

Stop doing or adhering to. Hogg relinquished the farm of Mount Benger and returned to his former residence at Altrive. How to use relinquish in a sentence.

RELINQUISHED adjective The adjective RELINQUISHED has 1 sense. He intended to intimate that he had come back to Baden with his mind made up to relinquish his suit and that he had questioned Bernard simply from moral curiosity– for the sake of intellectual satisfaction. The name spelled backwards is Hsiuqniler.

What does relinquished mean. Relinquish yield resign abandon surrender cede waive renounce These verbs mean letting something go or giving something up. A Law Dictionary Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. Social Security Administration public data the first name Relinquish was not present. Relinquish descends from Latin relinquere from the prefix re- again plus linquere to leave.

An example of to relinquish is a dog giving up his toy. Relinquished relinquishing relinquishes 1. If you relinquish something such as power or control you give it up.

Cant relinquish his dream of emigratingYield implies giving way as to pressure often in the hope that such action will be temporary. Rɪˈlɪŋkwɪʃ to give up something such as a responsibility or claim.

Overt Definition 1 Done Or Shown Publicly Or In An Obvious Way And Not Secret Not Hidden Or Secret Cambridge Advanced Advanced Learners English Dictionaries

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