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Useful French question words French has the same interrogative words and expressions as English. French organises questions differently depending on whether the subject is a pronoun or a noun.

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With many question words you can simply put the question word at the start of the statement to turn it into a question like this.

Question word in french. In fact youll see that you can form French questions with question words using the same three methods. A -t- is used in the ilelle form if the verb ends in a vowel. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR.

French words for question include question interroger doute interrogation questionner poser des questions problème sujet affaire and douter. Polar questions or closed questions questions fermées that result in a simple yes or no answer. Question Words and Phrases French has a series of words think who what where when why and how that individually deal with question phrases.

They combine with prepositions to form more complex French questions and this is usually the part that holds students of French back when asking a question. Just like with non-question word questions there is an easy way to do it so lets look at that first. Even when a question word indicates that a question is being asked as for questions without question words the principal indicator that shows that a question is being asked is a subject verb inversion.

French Translation of question The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Good question bonne question to pop the question She was wondering when he would pop the question. French Question Words On another page we learned about the French question words qui who and que what and how they can be used with various forms of est-ce que and inversion.

These are the question words or interrogatives. These question words can be used to gather information as opposed to yes-no questions. The form that you choose depends on whether you are referring to something that is masculine or feminine singular or plural.

The question will be marked with a querying tone or in written form with a question mark. Chapter 5 ENTP Vocab. The question is who will take over now that hes resigned.

Question Words in French Much like English French often makes it clear that a question is being asked by beginning the sentences with a question word like Que what or by using a word order that is not standard for direct statements. The expression is poser une question There are two main types of questions. While there are direct translations of the question words the usage in French is sometimes but not always different from the usage of the translation equivalent in English.

In questions lequel laquelle lesquels and lesquelles meaning which oneones are all forms of the same pronoun and are used to replace nouns. Comment tu vas. In this case you need to use an information question and like in English French information questions start with a question word technically known as interrogative adverbs and adjectives.

In that very simple case most of the time question words would be at the end of the statement but they can also sometimes be at the beginning of the statement. Real Estate Exam 2 Flashcards. You ask a question in French by making your voice go up at the end of the sentence by using est-ce que by changing normal word order or by using a question word.

Quel lequel auquel and duquel. Interrogative expressions or interrogative adverbs and sometimes interrogative adjectives are French question words used to ask for a particular piece of information. Heres the list of additional French question words.

Over 100000 French translations of English words and phrases. Olivia_Gay French Question starters. Remember that when you ask a question in French the verb is not demander but poser.

The question words for the french quiz on monday Learn with flashcards games and more for free. La question est de savoir. English words for question include question issue matter item and query.

When you put the verb in front of the subject you join the two words with a hyphen.

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