Apprehensive In A Sentence

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She was deeply apprehensive about. Its difficult to see apprehensive in a sentence.

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Apprehensive in a sentence. Apprehension In A Sentence How To Use Apprehension In A Sentence. Although a little apprehensive at first of steering such a large boat we settled into it remarkably quickly. Feeling worried about something that you are going to do or that is going to happen.

I am a bit apprehensive crossing the busy street. Apprehensive in a sentence – Use apprehensive in a sentence 1. CK 1 2640431 Tom looks.

Robin-Anne who had been looking very apprehensive seemed to go aboard Wavebreaker rather unwillingly. He too was a bit apprehensive. But the General quaking and greatly apprehensive as to his possible future overdid things.

Examples of Apprehensive in a sentence With recent job cuts Kate is apprehensive about losing her job. Aspirations and apprehensions towards the musical academic and social aspects. It makes me apprehensive to.

He was apprehensive lest the excitement should give her a fit or a palsy. Hettys was flushed and apprehensive Legers portentously quiet. CK 1 2237681 Tom seems apprehensive.

CK 1 2245457 Everyone was apprehensive. The act of apprehending especially apprehending a criminal. She looked awful apprehensive towards them swimmers and board riders and then at her niece.

2237202 Tom looks apprehensive. Random good picture Not show 1. How To Use Apprehensive In A Sentence.

The protection finding is based upon the situation that existed at the time of apprehensionand not the date of trial. The long delay had made me quite apprehensive. He was not apprehensive or timid through his imagination.

Wed been a little apprehensive about their visit. Terry a brave and willing man is the least apprehensive of danger. Many of the sentences have audio too.

We were apprehensive that they might forget. Cooms was apprehensive about what he described as an assault on our safety. Examples of apprehension in a sentence how to use it.

I am apprehensive for my sisters safety. Apprehensive Sentence Examples Mr. The cognitive condition of someone who understands 3.

Even those with jobs and steady incomes are generally apprehensive. He was already apprehensive for his personal safety and was anxious to be at home again. At the same time however the Syrians seem apprehensive.

English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Apprehensive in Example Sentences Page 1. His expression was apprehensive but he said nothing. Although apprehensive they decided to attend the Preston Road church.

The Times advertising department were still apprehensive. No apprehension need be entertained that such settlements would remain isolated establishments. At length surprise and apprehension yielded before a gush of tenderness and love.

Raven also was waiting a good deal excited and conscious of his apprehensive heart. Fearful expectation or anticipation 2. Click for more sentences of apprehensive.

Most people feel apprehension prior to entering a situation they know they could be injured in. Hes certainly apprehensive about something. They are often timorous and apprehensive and prone to pedantism.

EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB I never felt apprehensive about calling parents and telling them our plans. Im much pickier much more apprehensive. Apprehensive in a sentence apprehensive example sentences I was too apprehensive to.

She is a girl of weak apprehension. He was rather apprehensive of failure. I am apprehensive that she may fall ill.

Sentence Examples Section 18 requires an intention to do grievous bodily harm or an intent to resist or prevent the lawful apprehensionor detainer or any person. Her silence made him feel more apprehensive as he kept talking. Examples of Apprehension in a sentence I admit that I am feeling a great deal of apprehension after learning that we have a pop quiz in my worst subject.

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