What Does Peri Mean

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Looking for the definition of PERI. The Oxford Dictionary of English records peri-peri as a foreign word meaning a very hot sauce made with red chilli peppers and gives its ultimate origin as the word for pepper presumably in the native-African sense in the Ronga language of southern Mozambique where Portuguese explorers developed the homonymous cultivar from malagueta pepper.

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Word element Gr around.

What does peri mean. پری pari plural پريان pariān are exquisite winged spirits renowned for their beauty. Relating to occurring in or being the period around the time of a surgical operation perioperative morbidity perioperative nursing Examples of perioperative in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Hiltibidal was director of perioperative services at Cleveland Clinic Martin North Hospital in Stuart Florida since 2013. Peri definition is – a supernatural being in Persian folklore descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is accomplished.

One of a large group of beautiful fairylike beings of Persian mythology represented as descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until their penance is accomplished. Perimenopause lasts up until menopause the point. I hear shes smart and beautiful.

They are described as mischievous beings that have been denied entry to paradise until they have completed penance for atonement. How to use peri in a sentence. Peri is young and beautiful you just want to run your fingers through her smooth brown hair and stare at her georgus green eyes.

All content on this website including dictionary thesaurus literature geography and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Peri is a smart beautiful girl and also known as a platypus from Phitease and Ferb. Cognates include Sanskrit पर pári Latin per Lithuanian per English for and Albanian për.

Periodontal disease for example is a disease of the gums that can range from minor gum inflammation to serious tissue damage and tooth loss. It is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of Peri is outcome result. PERi-PERi also known as the African Birds Eye Chilli is the key to our legendary flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

What does Peri mean. See also para- 1. Hey look theres Peri.

This term literally means around the tooth and is used to denote tissues that surround and support teeth. Any lovely graceful person. Beside this what does the prefix peri mean.

Its the time when the ovaries gradually begin to make less estrogen. Originally from Persian mythology Peris were later adopted by other cultures. In Persian folklore one of a race of beautiful supernatural beings 2.

Perī a female genus a fairy. In Persian mythology a beautiful and benevolent supernatural being or fairy earlier regarded as malevolent. Program For Enhancement Of Research Information is one option — get in to view more The Webs largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

Its grown in the African soil so the magic starts from the ground up. Peri as a girls name is pronounced PARE-ee. Also variant of Perry.

It usually starts in womens 40s but can start in their 30s or even earlier. It tastes amazing but the benefits dont stop there. PERi-PERi chilli seeds are rich in Vitamins A B and C.

What does peri mean. Click to see full answer. Prefix meaning around or about as in pericardial around the heart and periaortic lymph nodes lymph nodes around the aorta.

An imaginary being male or female like an elf or fairy represented as a descendant of fallen angels excluded from paradise till penance is accomplished.

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