What Does Cohesive Mean

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From the Cambridge English Corpus These steps can form in a bed of cohesive material which once eroded is carried downstream as washload without redeposition. Strong bonds indicate a higher level of social cohesion as shown by large percentages of the population following the rules of the society and displaying tolerance for one another.

What Are Cohesion And Cohesive Devices In Writing In Writing Writing Cohesive

An example of cohesive is a group of people working toward a common goal.

What does cohesive mean. The term social cohesion refers to the bonds or glue that holds a society together often through common values beliefs and behaviors. Huston had assembled a remarkably cohesive and sympathetic cast. The act process or condition of cohering.

Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Cohesive. Cohesive definition is – exhibiting or producing cohesion or coherence. Cohesive The higher the value of the points received from others the more valuable subjects relationships and the more cohesive the group.

I saw the responses aboveand theyve all taken the word in the literary sense thats fine with me but scientifically speakingcohesiveness means the attraction between similar or same molecules. The team just seems to lack cohesion. Corrosionpedia explains Cohesive Failure.

What is the meaning of Cohesive. Cohesive definition characterized by or causing cohesion. Cohesive failure is a breakdown of intermolecular bonding forces in a given adhesive substance.

It takes an enormous amount of work to make a cohesive album. The definition of cohesive is two or more people or things that stick together. Exhibited strong cohesion in the family unit.

Coherence is often used to describe a persons speech or writing. What does cohesive mean. Adjective Something that is cohesive consists of parts that fit together well and form a united whole.

Of objects the state of sticking together or of people being in close agreement and working well together. A cohesive neighborhoods members get together to plan things like block parties and they work together to solve problems. Cohesion is one of the noun forms of cohere.

COHESIVE ZONE MODEL meaning – COHESIVE ZONE MODEL de. Cohesively definition holding or fusing together as a single massCohesively bonded interfaces are used for applications such as protective coatings and metal-polymer compound systems. WHY YOU WANT QUALCOMMS NEW SNAPDRAGON CHIP INSIDE YOUR NEXT PHONE STAN HORACZEK DECEMBER 2 2020 POPULAR SCIENCE The Terps performed like a cohesive veteran group that knew how to respond in a moment of urgency.

Information and translations of cohesive in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Its a system on a chip which means it contains all of the essential parts of a computer together as one cohesive unit. How popular is the baby name Cohesive.

This type of failure occurs in the bulk layer of the adhesive. Eg – water exhibits cohesivityever seen how water droplets in your finger seem to stick together for some time before breaking apart when you try to move your fingers apart in slow motion. Cohesive failure is an important parameter to be considered when applying corrosion prevention.

How to use cohesive in a sentence. The adjective cohesive comes from the Latin word cohaerere or to cleave together Cohesive things stick together so they are unified. The others are cohesiveness and coherence each of which has a slightly different meaning.

Definition – What does Cohesive Failure mean. What does COHESIVE ZONE MODEL mean.

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