Apathy In A Sentence

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62 I drank a six pack of apathy. Lot of example sentences with the word apathy.

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And in the absence of adequate Government protection people who were not content to submit quietly to be robbed by any scoundrel who preferred plunder to labour made their own arrangements for self-protection.

Apathy in a sentence. The best way to cure apathy in schools is by inspiring students. Novels can afford a rich banquet of personalities. Now she was sunken in an apathy that saved her from the worst pangs of misery.

Uncountable noun You can use apathy to talk about someones state of mind if you are criticizing them because they do not seem to be interested in or enthusiastic about anything. There was apathy on the part of some members to participate in the meetings. Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature No anchoret indeed could claim for himself much more apathy towards all such allurements than he did at that period.

32 So despite the speculations of sociologists television did not trivialize the news nor generate alienation and apathy. The trait of lacking. Examples of Apathy in a sentence Managing apathy with or without medication requires a good strategy and dedicated teamwork.

An absence of emotion or enthusiasm 2. Apathy is often expressed by people with schizoid personality disorder depression and schizophrenia. Good sentence like quote proverb Apathy in a sentence 31 She would heed their call and they would immediately retreat into sudden apathy.

63 For this apathy there were three causes. Apathy In A Sentence How To Use Apathy In A Sentence. Examples of apathy in a Sentence Thats the danger of a teeming cast of characters.

Examples of Apathy in a sentence Because of voter apathy there is a very short line at the polls today. See how to use apathy in a sentence. Apathy in government employees is not because they are low-paid or hungry.

Lack of interest enthusiasm or concern. Activism While with the Police Sting wrote Driven to Tears an angry indictment of apathy in the face of world hunger 44. Apathy Sentence Examples How can we overcome voter apathy.

They get jumbled in the viewers mind and apathy ensues. Definition of Apathy a feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm Examples of Apathy in a sentence While some of the groups members could not stop talking during the budget discussion other members were frozen with apathy and did not engage in the conversation. THE WIZARDS REBOOT NEEDS TO START WITH TRADING BOTH JOHN WALL AND BRADLEY BEAL JERRY BREWER NOVEMBER 23 2020 WASHINGTON POST Men dont have that kind of apathy for women like Dean does.

The apathy of those who were responsible for the policing of rural England produced its natural result. Use apathy in a sentence Clay has affairs with men and women during the course of the book but goes through periods of apathy and longing towards his girlfriend Blair. The serial killers lack of apathy left even the judge speechless.

Apathy in a sentence 61 My parents do not feel apathy about the election. They desired that the apathy which threatened to take hold on him should be banished. Apathy took the place of enthusiasm and sordid worries succeeded to high hopes.

Yet such is the impression which our apathy of effort in those regions would produce. Apathy in a sentence up5 down7 Sentence count933Posted2016-08-30Updated2016-12-13. Apathy in a sentence 1 There is nothing worse than apathy.

Its what readers sign up for. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB They need to change the conversation about their team which is full of doubt and apathy. Apathy in a sentence esp.

But ratiocination isnt welcome in modern movies which prefer visceral impact over intellect. Apathy in a sentence July 11 2018 He has an apathy for serious reading. 2 His apathy just made her even more frustrated.

English words and Examples of Usage use apathy in a sentence Clay has affairs with men and women during the course of the book but goes through periods of apathy and longing towards his girlfriend Blair. Sympathy pathetic worthy wealthy with young a pair of set apart apart from. 3 Once defeated he sank into apathy.

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