What Does Petulant Mean

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A bad tempered person who behaves like a child The British government is concerned Donald Trump will behave like a petulant child if the Obamas are invited to the royal wedding and he is not. A petulant toss of the head.

Petulant ˈpɛtjʊl ə Nt Late 16th Century Origin In The Sense Immodest From French Petulant From Latin Petulant Impuden Words Weird Words English Words

Petulant definition moved to or showing sudden impatient irritation especially over some trifling annoyance.

What does petulant mean. Someone who is consistently childish permanently indignant or perpetually petulant. PETULANCE used as a noun is very rare. Easily irritated or annoyed.

What does petulance mean. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. ˈpetʃələnt easily angered or annoyed esp.

Of petere to fall upon to attack. An irritable petulant feeling Familiarity information. Princetons WordNet 000 0 votesRate this definition.

Unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered. Petulantly is the adverb formation of petulant which comes from the Latin word petulantem meaning wanton forward or insolent The modern use of petulantly has morphed to mean that one is moody or childish and no longer means that one is wanton or forward. Having an irritable and unpleasant disposition.

Fun Facts about the name Petulant. The quality or state of being petulant. Someone who is petulant is unreasonably angry and upset in a childish way.

An example of petulant is a toddler throwing a temper tantrum when they dont get their way. Contemptuous in speech or behavior. See pet- in Indo-European roots petulance petulancy n.

It is commonly associated with children who throw tantrums and adults who may act like children who throw tantrums. Keep scrolling for more. By HarryMegan December 27 2017.

Out of 6122890 records in the US. Cranky fractious irritable nettlesome peckish peevish pettish scratchy techy testy tetchy. Acting petulantly wont get you very far.

Princetons WordNet 400 3 votesRate this definition. He plays the part of a petulant young man in the film. Latin petulāns petulant- insolent from petere to assail.

Characterized by ill-natured freakishness. In a rude way. Irritability crossness fretfulness fussiness peevishness petulance choler noun an irritable petulant feeling.

Other Words from petulant Synonyms Petulant Has Latin Roots Example Sentences Learn More about petulant. Easily irritated or annoyed. PETULANCE noun The noun PETULANCE has 1 sense.

The adverb form is petulantly and the noun form is petulance. Keep scrolling for more. Petulant is an adjective used to describe something or someone as being rude or disrespectful especially when said person is disappointed or denied a desire.

Weird things about the name Petulant. Cranky fractious irritable nettlesome peevish peckish pettish petulant scratchy testy tetchy techy adj easily irritated or annoyed. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word petulant.

Petulans -antis prop making slight attacks upon from a lost dim. How unique is the name Petulant. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about petulance.

Social Security Administration public data the first name Petulant was not present. Insolent or rude in speech or behavior. Definition of petulant from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press.

PETULANT adjective Sense 1. The definition of petulant is someone who gets irritated without a good reason. The name spelled backwards is Tnalutep.

Characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor.

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