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As opposed to synonyms as opposed to pronunciation as opposed to translation English dictionary definition of as opposed to. They use fresh fish as opposed to fish that has been frozen.

Contradiction A Combination Of Statements Ideas Or Features Of A Situation That Are Opposed To One Another A Person Thi Uncommon Words Words Unusual Words

I have done my homework as opposed to you who have not.

Opposed to meaning. She opposed the introduction of another female vocalist NOTE. The box is made of plastic as opposed to wood. As opposed to rather than.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English be opposed to something to disagree with something such as a plan or system Most of us are opposed to the death penalty. Opposed their crosstown rivals in the season finale. Definition of as opposed to used to refer to something that is different from what has just been mentioned The car gets 30 miles per gallon as opposed to last years model which got only 25.

As opposed to is used to underline difference or radical distinction in something. In this sentence the meaning of opposed is objected to or was against The transitive verb is sufficient. Id say she is a good player as opposed to a great one.

Possible synonym is as distinct from but whereas the former implies contraposition the latter means just difference. But they draw diametrically opposed conclusions as to the meaning of this link They both remembered their paternal grandmother but with diametrically opposed reactions I chose these diametrically opposed papers on the basis that they would give me a balanced view when answering the boards questions. Opposed Examples from the Corpus be opposed to something I am opposed to a district-wide imposition of uniforms.

Synonym Discussion of oppose. Were going to Florida for our vacation this year as opposed to the local beach. Our civil rights group is opposed to these corporations who plan to move in and destroy local business.

As an adjective opposed is acting in opposition. Id prefer to go in May as opposed to rather than September. How to use oppose in a sentence.

Oppose definition to act against or provide resistance to. Blog readers will note the Parliamentary Crest on the frontpage of the trifold pamphlet meaning that the pamphlet was funded by taxpayers as opposed to use of party funds. Definition of opposed from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press.

Oppose definition is – to place over against something so as to provide resistance counterbalance or contrast. In other words even the written form of the language is not clearly preserved in a definite form as opposed to hinted at in various fragments in different orthographies. Define as opposed to.

OPPOSED TO is a 9 letter phrase starting and ending with O Crossword clues for OPPOSED TO Synonyms crossword answers and other related words for OPPOSED TO We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word opposed to will help you to finish your crossword today. Want to learn more. Opposed to opposed to someone or something Having a contrary opinion or stance to someone or something.

To be or act in contention or conflict with. Opposed opposing opposes v. As opposed to sitting around watching TV you could be working on your paper.

To vigorously oppose tyranny in every form. Standing or working against someone or something. Synonyms for as opposed to include as against against contrasted with in contrast with instead of rather than set against versus as contrasted with and as an alternative to.

As opposed to Instead of. The verb oppose has several meanings. Moms strongly opposed to my learning to drive.

As verbs the difference between apposed and opposed is that apposed is appose while opposed is oppose. This post is about the use of oppose to mean to object to to be against. Against anti informal hostile adverse contra informal in opposition averse antagonistic inimical dead set against I am utterly opposed to any form of terrorism.

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