Principle Of Least Interest

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METHODOLOGY Investigation of this relationship required a measure of the principle of least interest. The Principle of Least Interest.

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Principle of least interest. In the context of relationship dynamics it suggests towards which party the balance of power tilts. Has the best walk-away strategy has the greatest power. The Principle of Least Interest is the idea in sociology that the person or group that has the least amount of interest in continuing a relationship has the most power over it.

This notion is something formally identified as the principle of least interest which pretty much grants the upper hand in any relationship to the one who gives the least amount of fcks about. Principle of least interest would be most charac-teristic of persons from entrepreneurial homes. The American sociologist Willard Waller coined the term Principle of Least Interest to describe how differences of commitment in a relationship can have a major effect on the relationships dynamics.

Inequality in emotional involvement in romantic relationships. Both the time period and the sample upon which Wallers original formulation was based suggest this possibility. The person with the LEAST INTEREST has the MOST POWER.

Just this past week I learned of a relational theory entitled the Principle of Least Interest. This theory coined back in 1951 by sociologist named Willard Waller suggests that the power in any relationship lies in the hands of the person who. The Power of the Least Interested Party principle suggests that the person in the relationship who is even a little bit less interested or invested has the leverage at least the majority of the leverage in the relationship.

This principle works everywhere from the housing market to the marriage market. Description In any relationship the person who has the least interest in continuing the relationship ie. The principle of least interest is the law that dictates that in a relationship the person who is perceived as being the least invested is the one who holds the most power.

It is often discussed in the context of romantic relationships but it extends to a wide array of social dynamics as well. This seems to be the question that is at the heart of the matter. The principle of least interest.

Also known as Zipfs Law Zipfs Principle of Least Effort and the path of least resistance. The Principle of Least Interest is an actual social work theory. For example if I am selling my house.

The Principle of Least Interest is one of those areas in which science has confirmed what common sense has long maintained. Someone once told me that the power in all relationships lies with whoever cares less The Principle of Least Interest says. Value theory want to match up with people who share similar values as usRole theory we have ideas about roles within the relationship and find someone to meet them Exchange Theory want to maximize gainsrewards give and take Sequential Theory puts all three together and you need to fulfill one step to move to the next.

Principle of Least Interest In a two-party relationship the party exhibiting the least interest in the relationship holds the most power. Abstract Data from a longitudinal sample of dating couples some of whom married were analyzed to test the aspect of Wallers 1938 principle of least interest that states that unequal emotional involvement between romantic partners has implications for relationship quality and stability. The person who cares the least has the most power.

Journal of Family Issues 27 1255-1280. This concept is associated with power and control in social relationships and is most often associated with social exchange theory. The theory suggests that both parties are interested and both even highly invested but that the one just a little bit.

The principle of least interest suggests that the person who is least interested in maintaining a relationship can most easily walk away from the relationship. Encyclopedia of Family Studies. This is due to the albeitoften false presumption that relationships are an efficienteconomy and that one party would only be more interested if the other is inherently more valuable.

It has been around since the late 1930s and was coined to describe power in relationships. The principle of least effort PLE was proposed in 1949 by Harvard linguist George Kingsley Zipf in Human Behavior and the Principle of Least Effort see below.

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