What Does Outspoken Mean

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A truely outspoken person is someone who speaks their mind with. Most people who have this quality are politicians debate-club members douches or rebels.

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ˌɑʊtˈspoʊkən of a person expressing strong opinions very directly without worrying if other people will be upset by them.

What does outspoken mean. An example of someone outspoken is the actor Brad Pitt concerning the recovery of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. How to pronounce definition by Wiktionar. Thanks to being outspoken you arent afraid to say when youre upset angry or disappointed which means your relationships with loved ones are always very honest and open.

Use the adjective outspoken to describe someone candid and blunt one who is direct in manner or speech. Someone who is straightforward could also be described as down to earth. In an outspoken manner.

Speaking or spoken freely openly or boldly. The definition of outspoken is someone who doesnt hold back what they say or who has lots to say about a particular subject. Characterized by directness in manner or speech.

Being outspoken often means saying things that others might not agree with. Outspoken definition is – direct and open in speech or expression. Find another word for outspoken.

Forthright open free direct More Synonyms of outspoken. Flirty Girl – Why dont ever talk to me. What does outspokenly mean.

Outspoken Often a nice way of calling someone a douche because theyre honest and straightforward regardless of how it sounds or who it offends. Without subtlety or evasion Familiarity information. Frank and unreserved in speech.

Given to expressing yourself freely or insistently 2. A vocal assembly blunt candid forthright frank free-spoken outspoken plainspoken point-blank straight-from-the-shoulder adj. Candid direct forthcoming Antonyms.

Video shows what outspoken means. Adjective uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve. What does outspoken mean.

Dissembling uncandid unforthcoming Find the right word. If you are an outspoken advocate for arts education in schools you probably attend lots of school board and community meetings trying to ensure that the board does not cut music and drama from the school curriculum. OUTSPOKEN adjective The adjective OUTSPOKEN has 2 senses.

19 synonyms of outspoken from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 37 related words definitions and antonyms. An outspoken critic of corruption Definition of outspoken from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Free or unreserved in speech.

An example of someone outspoken is a child who doesnt know what is appropriate to say in public. Some church leaders have been outspoken in their support for political reform. Outspoken vocal adj given to expressing yourself freely or insistently outspoken in their opposition to segregation.

Free in expressing ones true feelings and opinions. Someone who is outspoken gives their opinions about things openly and honestly even if they are likely to shock or offend people. I would say that outspoken is stronger.

Being labled or labling onself as outspoken is usually these days an excuse to be mean rude and just plain overly-opininated. Meaning that they have no hidden agendas behind what they say and do. OUTSPOKEN used as an adjective is rare.

How to use outspoken in a sentence.

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