What Does Hence Mean

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HENCE used as an adverb is uncommon. An example of hence is saying that something is happening at a certain time.

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An example of hence is someone telling another why theyre doing something.

What does hence mean. Hence as a verb to send off as used by Sidney is improper. Therefore thus consequently for this reason in consequence ergo on that account The Socialist Party was profoundly divided and hence very weak. Used to introduce a logical conclusion from that fact or reason or as a result the eggs were fresh and hence satisfactory and we were young and thence optimistic Synonyms.

Por lo tanto te daré un aumento. Hence their interest in Nubian art. Por lo tanto You have been working hard hence your raiseHas estado trabajando duro.

Henceforth definition is – from this point on. A year hence it will be forgotten. Therefore hence thence thus so adverb used to introduce a logical conclusion from that fact or reason or as a result.

Hence is defined as from this place this time from this life or for this reason. The most important difference between thus and so is that so is a conjunction meaning and for that reason and because of that whereas thus is an adverb synonymous with consequently. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word hence.

His mother was Italian hence his name – Luca. From the living or from this world. Hence adverb THEREFORE C1 that is the reason or explanation for.

Handmade and hence expensive. Adverb You use hence to indicate that the statement you are about to make is a consequence of what you have just said. For a complete Scripture study system try SwordSearcher Bible Software which includes the unabridged version of this dictionary.

How to use hence in a sentence. Definition of hence the name It means This explains why it is called what it is Example My cats name is grey She is a grey colored cat hence the name. Hence definition is – from this place.

Video shows what hence means. Used to introduce a logical conclusion from that fact or reason or as a result. Princetons WordNet 350 2 votes Rate this definition.

Hence definition as an inference from this fact. Definitions from Websters American Dictionary of the English Language 1828. So thence therefore and thus From this time a year hence it will be forgotten From this place get thee hence.

In the future from now. They grew up in the Sudan. An example of hence is telling someone to leave somewhere.

HENCE adverb The adverb HENCE has 3 senses. The eggs were very fresh and hence satisfactory. What does hence mean.

For example the sentence He is not satisfied so we must prepare a new proposal. From here from this place away. How to use henceforth in a sentence.

From this time Familiarity information.

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