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Fəˈsiːʃəsli in a way that is not serious in an attempt to be funny or to appear clever about a serious subject. It used to simply mean funny and witty but now it often implies that someone is being inappropriately funny about a serious topic.

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Along with abstemious facetious is one of two words in the English language containing all five vowels in alphabetical order.

Facetiously meaning. People who say things facetiously are being a little bit sarcastic saying one thing and meaning another or treating a serious subject in a funny way. Facetiously synonyms facetiously pronunciation facetiously translation English dictionary definition of facetiously. While all these words mean provoking or intended to provoke laughter facetious stresses a desire to produce laughter and may be derogatory in implying dubious or ill-timed attempts at wit or humor.

Facetious may be defined as joking or jesting often inappropriately or not serious Sarcastic on the other hand while still concerned with humor tends to imply a more caustic or biting quality that is often intended to cause pain. Is facetious the same as facetiousness. Some common synonyms of facetious are humorous jocose jocular and witty.

OTHER WORDS FROM facetious facetiously adverb facetiousness noun nonfacetious adjective nonfacetiously adverb SEE MORE RELATED FORMS. Robbies joke about Heathers appearance was just him being facetious. A disappointed friend might for example say facetiously That was the best birthday ever especially since no one remembered.

What does facetious mean. Adjective If you say that someone is being facetious you are criticizing them because they are making humorous remarks or saying things that they do not mean in a situation where they ought to be serious. 2017 October 2 Jess Cartner-Morle Stella McCartney lays waste to disposable fashion in Paris in the Guardian1.

The finale of the film comes off facetiously. Facetiously is the adverb form of facetious. The word facetious comes from the French facétie joke and it has come to describe a joke with a little drop of sarcasm.

Not to be taken seriously. The definition of facetious is a joke made about something serious. I was only being facetious.

In a manner that treats serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor. Treating serious issues with often deliberately inappropriate humour. People sometimes make comments that only seem facetious.

She facetiously challenged him to a ski race. I make so much money that we never have to worry Im being facetious. If that is not the intent the speaker must clarify his or her motive.

Facetious is most commonly used to describe comments that are intentionally unserious especially in a way thats meant to be humorous and perhaps a bit inappropriate or provocative. Facetiously meaning In a facetious or flippant manner. In the Dickens quote above it means frivolous.

Facetious synonyms facetious pronunciation facetious translation English dictionary definition of facetious. It can also be used to describe someone making such comments. Glamour for its own sake is not something I have ever been particularly.

An example of facetious is someone saying that people whose homes have burned down dont have to worry about whether the housekeeper did a good job. Information and translations of facetiously in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Fəˈsiʃəs not seriously meaning what you say usually in an attempt to be humorous or to trick someone.

A term labeled Facetious in this dictionary is one that is used consciously for humorous or playful effect.

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