Entrer Conjugation

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Entrer is not only a very common verb it also follows a very common verb conjugation pattern. Entrer translation in French – English Reverso dictionary see also entredernier entré premier sortiinsémination artificielle entre conjointsMouvement contre le racisme et pour lamitié entre les peuples examples definition conjugation.

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Enter verb conjugation to all tenses modes and persons.

Entrer conjugation. Indicative mode subjunctive imperative mood conditional participle form. Conjugate the French verb entrer in several modes tenses voices numbers persons. English Chinese French German Hindi Italian Portuguese Spanish.

Future participle present indicative subjunctive. Conjugation The entrer conjugation tables below show how to form the French verb entrer according to tense and person. As with all French verb conjugations begin by identifying the verb stem.

La conjugaison du verbe entrer sa définition et ses synonymes. Dictionary Grammar Blog School Scrabble Thesaurus Translator Quiz More Resources More from Collins. Conjugation trainer for memorizing forms.

Please choose the desired tense from the selection below or click on one of the links at the bottom of the box in order to view specific tenses. Translate entrer in context with examples of use and definition. French Verb Conjugations Entrer is a regular -er verb.

Entrer appears on the 100 Most Used French Verbs Poster as the 27th most used regular er verb. Entrer Conjugation – Conjugate Entrer in French Entrer is a French regular er verb meaning to enter. In this French grammar lesson we will learn about entrer conjugation in the passe composé.

See the notes on the conjugation of entrer at the end of this page. Entrer conjugation table Collins French Verbs. And changes meaning Most verbs use either avoir or être as the auxiliary verb in Passé composé or other compound tense but entrer uses both depending on its grammatical usage and what it means in the sentence.

In this lesson you will learn about. Conjuguer le verbe entrer à indicatif subjonctif impératif infinitif conditionnel participe gérondif. Old French conjugation varies significantly by date and by region.

Conjugate the French verb entrer in all tenses. French verb ENTRER conjugated in all forms with full audio irregular highlighting negative forms and the English translation for all forms. To listen to the pronunciation of a given tense of entrer click on the loudspeaker icon at the bottom of the table.

Irregular verbs auxiliary verbs conjugation rules and conjugation models in French verb conjugation. How entrer is conjugated in French. Conjugation table for entrer to enter in the present passé composé future imperfect conditional subjunctive plus-que-parfait and more.

Future present and past. This is a regular -ER verb and it shares the same infinitive endings with similar verbs like enseigner to teach exister to exist and many others. Verbs Tenses Conjugation Entrer can be used with avoir or être in Le Passé Composé.

Conjugation of entrer Here you will find the verb conjugation of entrer. Search the definition and the translation in context for enter with examples of use extracted from real-life communication. In this article you can find the conjugations of être in the present compound past imperfect simple future near future indicative the conditional the present subjunctive as well as the imperative and the gerund.

The French irregular verb être to be is one of the most important verbs in the French language. This verb conjugates as a first-group verb ending in -er. Conjugation of the verb Entrer in all tenses.

Leap adorn heal Conjugate also minimise come alleviate evoke replicate foster watch lecture crash fret. Entrer means to enter and is a regular -er verb. In the present tense an extra supporting e is needed in the first-person singular indicative and throughout the singular subjunctive and the third-person singular subjunctive ending -t is lost.

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