Contentious In A Sentence

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2in fact these targets especially taken together have been highly Contentiousduring the two years of discussions and for good reasons. An example of contentious is a person who always likes to argue.

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Nothing will be more contentious in the next Congress than ethics.

Contentious in a sentence. Same-sex marriage is a highly contentious issue in our society these days. She said Bush has obscured his stand on the contentious issue. Both views are highly contentious.

He is a curser and swearer a nefarious pintious lyer and a contentious person. A dispute between groups or individuals Examples of Contention in a sentence The contention between the divorcing couple has caused the divorce proceedings to take several months. Examples of Contentious in a sentence The author wrote a contentious novel which caused a great deal of unrest.

Examples of contentious in a Sentence In the perpetual skirmish between science and religion biological evolution is a contentious battle ground. Content Same-sex marriage is a highly contentious issue in our society these days. Ground the possession of which imports great advantage to either side is contentious ground.

But nothing in the contentious field of prion research is simple. Use contentious in a sentence – Example Sentences for contentious Since he was obviously in a contentious mood I decided to leave early and avoid an argument. An example of contentious is a tense situation that is likely to lead to arguments.

Does anyone know the point of contention that started the fight between Jim and Bob. This is part of a passage where Knowles explains that changes brought about in the present are integrated with the past in a pleasing way. Contentious debate in a sentence Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary Examples of contentious debate The following twelve months saw contentious debate about the ambiguity of these phrases and the conflicting obligations they entailed.

These he defines as arguments which only apparently establish their conclusions. The phrase contentious harmony is unusual since contentious describes something as a struggle and harmony generally implies there is no struggle. Contentious in a sentence – Use contentious in a sentence 1.

Contentious causing or likely to cause disagreement editors note. Contentious Sentence Examples Use Contentious in a sentence 1the acme coe also sets up an architecture review board as an arbiter for Contentiousissues. How is this contentious issue being handled by the usually reserved committee.

This was a contentious mostly. From the Cambridge English Corpus. ContentThe partys views on immigration are certainly contentious and are even considered racist by some.

Good sentence like quote proverb Contentious in a sentence 1. Sentence with the word contentious However he also studies what he calls contentious eristikos or sophistical arguments. Non-contentious work includes advice on the protection and exploitation of rights including licensing franchising and technical assistance and technology agreements.

Its difficult to see contentious in a sentence. Contentious in a sentence esp. Definition of Contentious Marked by heated arguments or controversy.

As a rule I tend to avoid contentious topics of conversation which might lead to arguments. And meditating inordinately on light and controverted opinions makes light opinionative contentious professors. The definition of contentious is someone who is argumentative or a situation where there is discord.

Sentence Structure is important because it provide us with the framework for the clear written expression of our ideasThe aim in writing is always to write in complete sentences which are correctly punctuated. The more contentious aspects of the abortion issue were not discussed 2. Given to struggling with others out of jealousy or discord.

That provision of the bill was one of the most contentious. This anniversary of the Internet has been a particularly contentious one. Its difficult to see contentious in a sentence.

Kohl forced the hold until a contentious dairy compact is resolved. The policy though highly contentious is. Use contentious in a sentence – Example Sentences for contentious Since he was obviously in a contentious mood I decided to leave early and avoid an argument.

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