What Does Stifle Mean

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Dont stifle the Spirit What does 1 Thessalonians 519 mean. Encircling the whole stifle joint is a thin capsule that has a special fluid that assists with shock absorption and lubrication.

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STIFLE verb The verb STIFLE has 4 senses.

What does stifle mean. Suppress or constrain so as to lessen in intensity. See verse text Fire is often used in reference to the Holy Spirit Isaiah 44. At its most extreme stifle means to kill by cutting off respiration.

Stifle knee verb joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped. Definition of stifle written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learners Dictionary with audio pronunciations usage examples and countnoncount noun labels. The joint corresponding to the knee in man.

Something stifling makes you feel suffocated. To stifle is to stop someone from breathing or suppress actions by yourself or others. At necropsy all stifle joints were stable to an anterior drawer force with no significant limitations in passive range of motion.

You didnt say what you want him for if its for light trail he may be fine. The stifle joint is on the hind leg just below the flank – its a relatively flat joint and can in some animals wear to the point where the ball of the joint slides off of the plate – when that happens in can get stuck and the animal will appear as if its hind leg is stuck out behind it. Stifle verb NO AIR I or T to cause to be unable to breathe because you have no air.

To feel or cause to feel discomfort and difficulty in breathing 3. If your mother insists on accompanying you on your first date that will probably feel stifling. The verb stifle means to choke suffocate drown It can describe a claustrophobic feeling like getting smothered by kisses from your great aunt.

Joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped. The horses stifle is a joint. 3rd person singular present tense stifles present participle stifling past tense past participle stifled 1.

The joint next above the hock in the hind leg of a quadruped such as a horse or dog corresponding to the human knee see horse illustration Other Words from stifle Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about stifle Other Words from stifle. STIFLE noun The noun STIFLE has 1 sense. To prevent or be prevented from breathing so as to cause death 4.

When you tell someone that all of his ideas are stupid this is an example of a situation where you stifle his creativity. To stifle free expression. Stifle definition to quell crush or end by force.

Suppress in order to conceal or hide 2. Paul warns his readers against dousing or smothering the ministry of the Holy Spirit who warms the heart to love God and others. Certain ligaments that cause the leg to not bend too much in either direction are present inside and outside of the stifle.

Tr to crush or stamp out. STIFLE used as a noun is very rare. Tr to smother or suppress.

What does stifle mean. He is said to have stifled his victim with a pillow. Corresponds to the human knee smother stifle strangle muffle repress verb.

To stifle a revolt. Corresponds to the human knee Familiarity information. Noun A joint in the legs of horses dogs and other animals equivalent to the knee in humans.

Verb If someone stifles something you consider to be a good thing they prevent it from continuing. — called also stifle joint. Id clarify what they mean by loose but Id call that a deal breaker.

Hes obviously got some sort of lameness issue. 1 Thessalonians 519 CSB. Similar to the human knee the stifle is located on the horses hind limbs.

Stifle bone a small bone at the stifle joint. From Stiff Far The joint next above the hock and near the flank in the hind leg of the horse and allied animals. The patella or kneepan.

Definition of stifle Entry 2 of 2.

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