Which Sentence Contains A Dangling Modifier?

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Having seen the Statue of Liberty the Grand Canyon is more impressive. Collecting groceries the store got busier and busier.

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Sometimesthough not alwaysyou can tell that a sentence contains a dangling modifier if it includes passive voice as in this example from Grammar Bytes.

Which sentence contains a dangling modifier?. Amber awed the judges tumbling on the mat. But the big dog is a complete phrase. The man in the brown suit ran toward the taxi.

Dangling modifier questions can also start with the past participle of the verb. The single-word adjective hungry is the dangling modifier in this sentence. Fewer and fewer television viewers are attracted to the comedians insulting and predictable monologues.

The only sentence that contains a dangling modifier in this question is To raise a good dog patience is useful Before you can clearly understand the reason for this answer I think it will be good if you know what a dangling modifier m. A modifier is a word phrase or clause that clarifies or describes another word phrase or clause. This sentence contains an example of a Vague pronoun Which sentence contains a dangling modifier.

Given the fiasco at dinner the guests werent surprised when Martha pushed her husband into the pool. Several students walk home together in the evening. Sometimes writers use modifiers incorrectly leading to strange and unintentionally humorous sentences.

A pizza after all cannot be hungry or devour itself. Which sentence contains a dangling modifier.

The battery in my car died. Which of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier. After trying the new recipe chicken pizza tasted delicious.

Misplaced Modifiers 1 What is a modifier. They are not like misplaced modifiers it is a dangling modifier. The sentence which contains a dangling modifier is.

The third sentence causes confusion to the readers because the two clauses do not justify each other. Jumping on the trampoline the applause began. On returning to the office the furniture had been rearranged.

Tha man in the drawer found his handkerchief. Amber awed the judges when she was tumbling on the mat. Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier.

Having worked for the company for twenty years I was surprised to learn that my retirement benefits would not be sufficient. For example Spoken in many countries English has become the global language The modifier is the part of the. The two common types of modifier errors are called misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers.

Which sentence contains a dangling modifier. Which of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier. Dangling means hanging or expressing incomplete thought which requires further details to expand the idea conveyed.

Correct Modifiers and Concise Wording. If a student does not know the meaning of a word a dictionary can be useful. The lights in the mansion turned off as we passed by the front gate.

That lead sentence of course contains a dangling modifier a phrase providing additional information about a sentences subject that does not associate directly with the subject. Tumbling on the mat Amber awed the judges. The school bus has a morning and afternoon route.

2 Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier. The mouse was caught in the trap. Having taught phonology every semester for the last five years he was eager to teach syntax.

Amber tumbling on the mat awed the judges. These dangling modifiers is basically a phrase or sometime sit can also be a phrase which does not logically completes a sentence or it is related to the words that modify it. Here you need to check two things about it that cannot be simply used to while changing the modifiers.

Correct Modifiers and Concise Wording. Hungry the leftover pizza was devoured. A modifier is considered dangling when the sentence isnt clear about what is being modified.

Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier. Which sentence contains a dangling modifier. In this case because the subject is you the implication is that you dear reader rather than the contents of this post are coming from the stated source.

When a tornado is near people realize the importance of having a storm shelter. 3 Which sentence contains a dangling modifier. For example The big doesnt make sense without telling what is big which leaves big as a dangling modifier.

O Chipsie Time potato chips have the unique ingredients of plantains which are grown on farms and consumed by millions of people worldwide. Amber awed the judges tumbling on the mat. After they had obedience training the brothers played in the park with the dogs.

After walking to school the bus slowly passed by.

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