Voluntary Muscle Definition

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Voluntary means done out of free will or by choice. Chest The muscles of the chest are typically called the pecs short for pectorals.

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An individual muscle consists of bundles of long muscle fibres each bounded by a sarcolemma and containing sarcoplasm sarcoplasmic reticulum and many nuclei.

Voluntary muscle definition. It mainly refers to multiple bundles of cells and muscle fibers. Some examples of voluntary muscles are. The voluntary muscles are composed of multinucleated cylindrical cells.

A muscle that is characterized by transverse stripes. Skeletal muscle striated muscle a muscle that is connected at either or both ends to a bone and so move parts of the skeleton. Voluntary muscles or striated muscles are those which work according to the ones desire or are under control whereas Involuntary muscles are not under ones control.

Skeletal muscle attached to the skeleton – this is voluntary Involuntary muscles are not under our conscious control which means we cant make them contract when we think about it. Unlike cardiac or smooth muscle these muscles can be controlled by the conscious mind. How to pronounce voluntary muscle.

1 n striated muscle that can be controlled voluntarily Type of. Most voluntary muscles are used to move bones though some such as the muscles in the face are used to create movements below the skin. Examples of involuntary muscles are the visceral and iris muscles.

The pecs account for movement in the shoulder and shoulder blades also called the. Voluntary muscle Noun Muscle that is normally controlled by individual volition. Muscles producing voluntary movement.

The voluntary muscles are the type of muscles which are controlled by the somatic nervous system of the body. Definition of voluntary muscle. Muscle such as most striated muscle under voluntary control Examples of voluntary muscle in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The 37-year-old was diagnosed at age 2 with a genetic disease that among other things affects the central nervous system and voluntary muscle movement.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. Muscle that is normally controlled by individual volition. Contrasted with smooth muscle and heart muscle which are not under voluntary control.

Voluntary muscle skeletal striped or striated muscle Muscle that is under the control of the will and is generally attached to the skeleton. Any of the smooth muscles except for the cardiac muscle not under control of the will. It is one of the major types of muscle which is under the voluntary control of the somatic nervous system.

Voluntary muscle A muscle under conscious control. When you bend your elbow there is a muscle doing that. These voluntary muscles include skeletal muscles.

Muscle is the tissue in animals that produces movement or motion. A voluntary muscle is a muscle such as striated muscle normally controlled by individual volition. Voluntary muscles are attached to bones so you can make parts of your body move.

The two significant muscles of the chest are the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. There is another muscle that unbends your elbow. Voluntary muscles are also called as skeletal muscles since they are attached to the skeleton and are involved in the movement of body parts and the locomotion.

These muscles are involved in the muscle contraction signaling pathways etc. Voluntary muscle synonyms voluntary muscle pronunciation voluntary muscle translation English dictionary definition of voluntary muscle. A voluntary muscle often called a skeletal muscle is one of three types of muscle in the body.

These muscles are attached to the bones by means of tendons and they are responsible for all kinds of movements in vertebrates. These muscles as opposed to the voluntary ones perform their functions with mechanical precision without involving conscious or instinctive intervention of the human will. The cardiac muscle is located on the inner walls of the heart and in the myocardium.

A voluntary muscle is a muscle that you choose to move like those in the arms and legs as opposed to the ones that move automatically like the heart. Voluntary muscles are the muscles that can be moved by the free will of the person and are almost always associated with the skeleton system.

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