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An insulting or critical remark that is meant to hurt someone or make someone appear foolish The other children made cruel gibes about her weight. Gibe is sometimes spelled jibe but that word has a different meaning and is usually a verb.

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Alternative spelling of jibe.

Define gibe. 2012 Farlex Inc. To utter mocking or scoffing words. Verb intransitive verb transitive Word forms.

From The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 4th Edition. Gibe third-person singular simple present gibes present participle gibing simple past and past participle gibed Alternative spelling of gybe. Jibe is used both for the verb meaning to be in accord agree jibe with and for the nautical verb and noun jibe the mainsail a risky jibe in heavy seas.

Her explanation is likely to. The Hebrew word denotes generally an eminence or hill in distinction from har which is used for mountain or mountain range. Free stuff handed out to people who are too lazy andor weak to acquire such things on their own.

Shakespere ie William Shakespeare A Pleasant Conceited Comedie Called Loues Labors Lost. To jeer or taunt. Verb used with object gibed gibing.

Jibe shift sails. She made a gibe about how late I was. Under GEBA which see we have seen that Geba Gibeah and Gibeon are liable to be confused.

An insulting remark intended to make someone look foolish. Information and translations of GIBE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. They gibe him whenever he tries to speak.

Definition of gibe from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. The definition of a gibe is a jeer or a tease. A combination of the words Give and Me typically used by Brazilians when trying to speak English.

Not to be confused with. To make taunting heckling or jeering remarks. Coincide in their characteristics The two stories dont agree in many detailsThe handwriting checks with the signature on the checkThe suspects fingerprints dont match those on the gun.

N gibe an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended. To gibe is to insult. He used his speech as an opportunity to takemake gibes at his political opponents.

She made a gibe about how late I was. An insulting remark intended to make someone look foolish. Given through coercion and guilt tripping of productive people.

It occurs however in two instances as a place-name. An example of a gibe is a mocking of someones talents. V gibe be compatible similar or consistent.

Gibe synonyms gibe pronunciation gibe translation English dictionary definition of gibe. Definition of gibe from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Gibed or ╦łgibing 1.

A gibe is an insulting comment. Related to Gibs me dat. In particular jive is often used as a variant for the sense of jibe meaning agree as in that doesnt jive with my memory of what happened This use of jive although increasingly common is widely considered to be an error.

Gibe can be a noun or a verb but its usually a noun meaning an insult a dis something to be hurled at enemies bad drivers or ex-boyfriends. Gibe is used for the verb to deride or tease and the noun a taunting remark But jibe is a recognized variant of gibe so it also has taunting or teasing uses. V gibe laugh at with contempt and derision The crowd jeered at the speaker.

– Meaning be compatible consistent it may come from the earlier jibe to shift a sail from side to side while sailing in the wind See also related terms for sailing.

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