Art Is Subjective

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Popular opinion can be swayed by the fame of the artist the amount of exposure a piece of art has and the impact of societal norms at the time. You bring along all your knowledge and life baggage and in the end enjoying art will be your own subjective experience and you choose how deep you want to go.

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Gurdjieff used to say that there are two kinds of art.

Art is subjective. Art is subjective in relation to if its enjoyable or not or how the art is interpreted. However there are definitely things that make a movie or a book objectively good or bad if there wasnt we wouldnt have critics for those things. I have an artist friend who once told me that he was asked by someone to paint a picture to match some pillows on their couch.

Art to many seems to be a subjective term from a skill done at the highest level to a painting in a museum society and the nature of our upbringings create nostalgia in all realms of art. The point is art isnt completely subjective. They rule him and they express themselves in one form or another.

Absolutely the quality of art is subjective. I burst out laughing at his response. See more ideas about art art inspiration basquiat paintings.

If he is then so is truth itself or beauty itself. It is by human nature that we judge by personal experience before applying reasoning. Artist Art Piece and Audience One of the objective criteria as to what makes art is that all art requires an artist and art piece and an audience.

With him it creates itself This means that he is in the power of ideas thoughts and moods which he himself does not understand and over which he has no control whatever. Subjectivity is based on personal opinions and. The artist makes the art piece which is then experienced by the audience.

Art is a creative visual expression meant to express the soul of the artist or at least thats how it should be. In subjective art everything is accidental. But not every opinion is equally valid or even right.

All art is subjective because it relies upon the opinions of its viewers. The art form requires painting that reveals the truth and accuracy of the subject and upholds objectivity and reality that reflected on their paintings. Of course taste comes into it.

Jun 5 2012 – Explore Andrea Sletes board ART is subjective on Pinterest. Subjective adj – influenced by personal feelings tastes or opinions Using these definitions we may surmise that design is primarily an objective process. Thus art work and artistic are always subjective to the audience.

That doesnt mean its completely objective. While art may be viewed subjectively as a complex system of colors form and perception the underlying basis of that subjectivity is formed by an objective and mathematical reality of color. Source Wikimedia Commons Subjectivity in art is the word we use to explain how different people can respond to a work of art in different ways.

For thousands of years human beings have been obsessed with beauty truth love honor altruism courage social relationships art and God. The artist as I have already said does not create. One he used to call objective art and the other he used to call subjective art.

To become successful as a designer it is advisable we follow an objective process in a projects initial phase rather than being influenced by emotions taste hypotheses and. It also portrays other religious gods and saint. They all go together as subjective experiences and its a straw man to set God up as the delusion.

Whenever we judge art be it a film or a painting or a play or a sculpture we will look at it from our own angle of vision. That said whether art is good or bad isnt just about subjective views. We bring pur own likes.

Religious Paintings usually portrays Christian religious icons such as Jesus Virgin Mary and the saints. Art comes in many forms whether subjective or not. Subjective art is absolutely private personal.

No Art Is Not Subjective Not only is our critic who says that all art is equal disregarding the field of aesthetics work done by art historians and accomplished artists and craftspeople but they are also slighting the most excellent pieces of art humankind has ever created. If anything the experience you have with art depends more on how you choose to interact with it than on its own characteristics.

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