Did Jacob Kill Ben

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Defending Jacob doesnt confirm whether Jacob murdered Ben but all signs point towards him doing so. She has the strongest motive.

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The fact is we just dont know.

Did jacob kill ben. One could argue that Jacobs odd behavior implies that he did indeed kill his classmate Ben. The Defending Jacob ending does not unveil whether Jacob did kill Ben. Jacob denies killing Ben but Laurie becomes more and more upset eventually yelling at Ben and purposely crashing the vehicle resulting in her being hospitalized and having loss of memory and Jacob in critical condition.

But logic suggests that hes a quiet teenager who was bullied by classmates and made some questionable comments for attention. We review recap and give our theories on the ending of Defending Jaco. And despite Jacobs insistence that he didnt kill Ben Laurie confesses that she doesnt believe him and its eating her up that shell never know the truth.

Well read the article to know more. The story follows an assistant district attorney named Andy Barber whos investigating the murder of 14-year-old Ben Rifkin. Hes pulled off the case after his son Jacob a classmate of the victim is arrested for the crime.

And is Jacob alive. Jacob told his parents that Ben bullied him and he did own a knife that he took to school. Before the attack Jacob said to his nemesis that he had found his loophole The Incident Part 2 The Man in Black had attempted to have Richard kill Jacob in a similar albeit more specific manner 140 years earlier but Jacob successfully defended himself.

Did Jacob kill Ben. But is the high school student really a killer. However Andy finds out that his father had arranged for Patz to be threatened into writing a confession and be killed.

DEFENDING JACOB Ending Explained Breakdown Spoiler Talk Review Did Jacob Kill Ben. Jacob ends up in a coma so we never get closure but thanks to his story on a bondage porn site about killing a kid it seems to be a confession of murdering Ben. One similarity between the book and the series that remains intact is how its never explicitly stated whether Jacob really did kill Ben.

Jacob was the ageless protector of the Island for more than 2000 years. I believe the singer girl Sarah is the killer. Jacobs behaviour and Hopes disappearance convinces Laurie.

Jacob says he didnt do it but he also wrote a story which sounded like it. Many fans think Jacob did it as he lied about finding the body and kept making online comments about people faking grief. While on the way to a haircut she is yelling at him to answer if he killed Ben and starting to drive erratically.

Jacobs case is dismissed. Did Jacob kill Ben. Most of the people believe that Jacob is the killer of Ben rifkins.

But I believe he is not. Although everything points out the fact that he committed the murder. Later the Man in Black was able to manipulate Ben into killing Jacob for him.

But as Lauries emotion builds Jacob is shocked when she asks him point-blank if he murdered Ben and shes starting to drive worryingly fast through Newtons winding roads in the pouring rain. She crashes very much on purpose into a cement wall. Jacobs trial ends with a declaration of innocence after a pedophile named Leonard Patz Daniel Henshall hangs himself and confesses to Bens murder in a suicide note.

The Plot The series focusses on Jacob an eight-grader who is convicted of murder and how his parents-. The open-ended show leaves it to the viewers to decide on it. He was born on the Island with his brother the Man in Black and lived there eventually in the statue of Taweret until his brother convinced Ben to kill him.

Jacob denies it but also yells that he did it stating he will say whatever she wants if she will slow down. The finale of the Apple TV Defending Jacob has created a lot of confusion among the fans and they are demanding answers to a very obvious question- Who killed Ben. While Jacobs trial is going on Patz commits suicide after confessing to have killed Ben in a letter.

Andy threw away Jacobs knife so it was never tested for Bens DNA.

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