What Does Sojourn Mean

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What does sojourn mean. Sojourned sojourning sojourns To reside temporarily.

Sojourn Definition Of Sojourn In English By Oxford Dictionaries Oxford Dictionaries Definitions Words Matter

Sojourner – a temporary resident occupant occupier resident – someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there Based on WordNet 30 Farlex clipart collection.

What does sojourn mean. Information and translations of sojourn in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Sojourn 51 Occurrences Luke 2418 And one of them named Cleopas answering said unto him Dost thou alone sojourn in Jerusalem and not know the things which are come to pass there in these days. ˈsoʊdʒɝːn a short period when a person stays in a particular place.

If life is a journey we want it to be marked by our destination. A temporary stay eg as a guest Familiarity information. An example of sojourn is when you stay at a hotel for a day or two in a different country.

And that they should bring them into bondage and entreat them evil four hundred years. Reside temporarily Familiarity information. What Does Sojourn Mean.

After a brief sojourn in Holland to study Sanskrit he moved to India. Of Israel from the aliens sojourn among. Sojourn definition a temporary stay.

The verb is originally from the Latin prefix sub- under plus diurnus of a day. SOJOURN noun The noun SOJOURN has 1 sense. His family had sojourned in New Jersey for one year only and had then gone back to Michigan Jane Smiley.

One opened up to us by the grace of God through His Son Jesus. ASV DBY Acts 76 And God spake on this wise That his seed should sojourn in a strange land. SOJOURN used as a verb is very rare.

It can be a long journey or a temporary dwelling place. A sojourn is a short stay in a place that is not your home. My sojourn in the youth hostel was thankfully short.

A temporary residing as anothers guest. Of Israel or from the aliens who sojourn KJV. If you want a fancy way to say that you took a trip to the countryside you might talk about your country sojourn.

FriarGo hencegood nightand here stands all your stateEither be gone before the watch be set Or by the break of day disguisd from hence. Find another word for sojourn. It has connotations of deliverance and redemption of journeying from bondage and slavery to freedom.

SOJOURN used as a noun is very rare. Sojourn definition is – a temporary stay. During his sojourn in Paris.

Spend a certain length of time. This journey is one from death to. וטרפה באזרח ובגר וכבס בגדיו NAS.

7 synonyms of sojourn from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 18 related words definitions and antonyms. What does sojourn mean. SOJOURN verb The verb SOJOURN has 1 sense.

What does sojourn mean as it is used in the following lines from act IIIScene 3in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. A sojourn is a short stay or visit. Of Israel or of the strangers that sojourn INT.

How to use sojourn in a sentence. Sojourner meaning A person who resides temporarily in a place. The definition of a sojourn is a temporary visit or stay.

By beasts whether he is a native or an alien he shall wash. 2003-2012 Princeton University Farlex Inc. Middle English from Old French sojourner based on Latin sub- under late Latin diurnum day.

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