Miscellaneous Synonym

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The necessary items for a particular purpose. A mixture of spiced grilled vegetables.

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Weariness and fatigue are synonyms.

Miscellaneous synonym. The methods employed are many and various. The coyotes in other words also munched rabbits woodchucks meadow mice deer mice jumping mice and freelance miscellaneous booty like frogs and fallen apples and muskrats Edward Hoagland Harpers June 2007 The sandhogs word for a miscellaneous happening in which a sandhog is injured is mishap. Assorted confused diverse diversified farraginous heterogeneous indiscriminate jumbled manifold many mingled mixed motley multifarious multiform promiscuous sundry varied various.

Consisting of many things of different sorts. Updated 6 days ago3162021 35845 PM. English Collins Dictionary – English synonyms Thesaurus.

The bottom of the drawer was always a miscellaneous accumulation of odds and ends. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. I found a very mixed group of individuals.

A varied range of dishes suitable for vegetarians. 38 synonyms for miscellaneous. An unspecified quantity or number of.

An indefinitely large number of. A hoard of miscellaneous junk. Imperative and Trivial are Antonyms.

Composed of or containing a variety of things. Mixed various varied diverse confused diversified mingled assorted jumbled sundry motley indiscriminate manifold. A miscellaneous collection or group of various or somewhat unrelated items.

Miscellaneous indiscriminate promiscuous refer to mixture and lack of order and may imply lack of discernment or taste. Assorted eclectic heterogeneous indiscriminate kitchen-sink. Not classified or not subject to classification.

Synonym study for miscellaneous 1. Diverse disparate eclectic unmatched different compound assorted manysided. A collection of people of all ages assembled to pay their respects.

Consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts. A store selling a wide variety of goods. Synonyms Antonyms of miscellaneous.

Assorted motley heterogeneous mixed sundry heterogenous. Opposite of consisting of an assortment of things. Miscellaneous also found in these entries note.

Many are not synonyms or translations. Miscellanies a miscellaneous collection of articles or entries as in a book. A miscellaneous assortment of furniture.

A miscellaneous collection of literary compositions or pieces by several authors dealing with various topics assembled in a volume or book. Opposite of numerous and often varied. Miscellaneous emphasizes the idea of the mixture of things of different kinds or natures.

Assorted – conglomerate – desultory – different – dissimilar – diverse – heterogeneous – incidentals – mixed – odd jobs – varied – various. Opposite of consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts. An assortment of cheeses.

Mixed muddled scattered confused disordered scrambled various. Opposite of modified by diversification. Synonyms for miscellaneous in Free Thesaurus.

Various varied different assorted mixed diverse disparate sundry many and different variegated diversified motley multifarious jumbled confused indiscriminate heterogeneous. Opposite of having no specialty or particular purpose.

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