What Does Luminous Mean

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Objects can be bright in more than one set of wavelengths. 1 candela of luminous intensity equals 1 lumen of luminous flux per steradian of solid angle where a steradian respresents a cone whose surface area at the end equals the length of the cone squared.

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The luminous flux in lumens can only be used to measure the total light emitted by the lamp.

What does luminous mean. An example of luminous is the smile of a beautiful girl. An example of luminous is the sun. Information and translations of luminous in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Clear obvious plain evident transparent lucid intelligible perspicuous a remarkable woman with a luminous sense of responsibility. The brightness of an object in space is often defined by a numerical figure called its magnitude. For example luminous prose is clear and easily understood.

Radiant stresses the emission or seeming emission of rays of light. The make-up refects light and gives the skin a luminous glow. LUMINOUS used as an adjective is very rare.

Video shows what luminous means. Luminous means full of or giving off light. What does luminous mean.

Softly bright or radiant Familiarity information. Bright lighted lit brilliant More Synonyms of luminous. Bright brilliant radiant luminous lustrous mean shining or glowing with light.

Luminous implies emission of steady suffused glowing light by reflection or in surrounding darkness. Bright implies emitting or reflecting a high degree of light. This word has several figurative meanings that are related to the basic sense of something shining.

How to use luminosity in a sentence. How to pronounce definition audio dictionary. The lumens definition is.

Luminous definition radiating or reflecting light. The luminous intensity on the other hand can be used to indicate the luminous flux per angular unit. The definition of luminous is giving off a very bright light or a person or trait considered glowing.

Luminous intensity is another term for the brightness but it is related to the solid angle. Luminosity definition is – the quality or state of being luminous. What does luminous mean.

I could see no stars and only by a vague luminous haze knew the presence of a moon. The first rung consists of standard candle stars in and around our own galaxy that have well-defined luminosities and which are close enough to exhibit parallax the only sure way to tell how far away things are without traveling there. LUMINOUS adjective The adjective LUMINOUS has 1 sense.

During the winter holidays with all their emphasis on light you can see luminous displays of candles everywhere. Lustrous stresses an even rich light from a surface that reflects brightly without glittering. The luminous dial on the clock showed five minutes to sevenone of the most luminous and unstable stars in our Galaxy.

Related words and phrases. Bright lighted lit brilliant shining glowing vivid illuminated radiant resplendent lustrous luminescent The luminous dial on the clock showed five minutes to seven 2. Luminosity definition luminance def.

An objects brightness is called its luminosity. The fabric was impregnated with luminous paint which glowed as they marched. A unit of luminous flux in the International System of Units that is equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle by a source of one candela intensity radiating equally in all directions.

This calculator is useful for calculating the luminous flux for LEDS where the angle is known. Something that is luminous shines or glows in the dark. Brilliant implies intense often sparkling brightness.

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