The Ua Traitor

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Yes the over-dramatic hero became the mangas center of attention quite quick and fans are questioning if the kid is a traitor. Top 15 Whoever Sings This Song is The UA Traitor Meme gacha life P1 Gacha Club Whoever Sings This Song is The UA Traitor Meme.

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The ua traitor. For now readers will have to see if this. Apparently Horikoshi has even mentioned that he totally forgot about the subplot on two separate occasions. English teacher at UA.

So why would he suggest a traitor when its so obvious that there are other options available. Welcome to Mangavation and today ill be discussing my theory of the. Fans say that Kaminari was the one jamming the signal making it harder for anyone to call for help.

Traitor is a rather simple idea. Okay first off my opinion of the Kaminari Traitor Theory is. This is less-so because of actual evidence and more-so because people like the thought of Kaminari being a genius the entire time and simply pretending to be dumb to hide his true identity.

After the USJ attack the teachers discuss the possibility of a traitor in UA while looking for clues they find Midoryas journals. One of the big theories of the UA. For now there is no word on what is up with Aoyama but the manga does give a few hints.

Hi sorry for the long wait I have been busy at school I wanted to try something new so I made group chat videoDont worry I still do Gacha vid. Who is most likely the UA traitor. There are a few key points that people look at when they say that Kaminari is the UA traitor.

One explanation of this theory is that during the USJ attack none of the villains knew anything about the quirks of Class 1-A. However there is a bit of evidence to back it up. These questions will build your knowledge and your own create quiz will build yours and others people knowledge.

Is DEKU the UA traitor. Most Likely to be the UA Traitor Is. The second incident was when the league of villains UAs training camp with the pussy cats which implies that they had some inside knowledge.

Starting off with one of the more popular theories lets look at Denki Kaminari. This has lead to some speculation that Present Mic could be the traitor being the first one to sow seeds of distrust among the faculty but theres a good chance this hero is innocent. Uraraka cant be a traitor she had too many inner monologues about how much she wants to become a hero and put people smile on their faces etc.

Why Kaminari Denki is not the UA. The fact that UA had a breach and that students got attacked multiple times by the League of Villains sowed the seeds of doubt in the minds of some of the UA teachers and the. Story is being transferred to ao3.

Who is the UA Traitor. Is related to BNHA Quiz Boku No Hero Academia Trivia. Here you can create your own quiz and questions like Is DEKU the UA traitor.

Kaminari has talked about how he finds villains especially Stain to be cool. Hackingusing a villains quirk are obviously open. MHA chapter 263 EXPOSED and CONFIRMED the TRAITOR of UA and its not who you think it is.

The theory is that Kohei Horikoshi simply forgot about that subplot altogether. Ardent fans of My Hero Academia are well aware of the traitor theory especially after the possibility the presence of a traitor inside UA is brought forth by Present Mic. 1 Vlad King Is The Traitor While most theories point fingers at the students of UA High School there are some that stack solid evidence against staff member Vlad King.

Traitor and why the traitor is actually Hagakure thank you anon. I will be looking at 3 possible student suspects. It has been years since the idea of a traitor was first seeded into the.

The series has sent fans on a wild chase to figure out the identity of a traitor at UA Academy that no one can suss out. The first is during the attack at the USJ. Her inner conflict is mostly about her crush on midoriya only nothing indicating she may be a mole the only real evidence was that she said she wants to make money for her parents once like lol.

Mic was the first person to suggest a traitor when other ways for the LoVs to get into UA intel ie. But as requested I will break this down and refute the various arguments point by point. At the attack on USJ he claimed that the signal was being jammed.

And known as the Voice Hero Present Mic was actually the first one to suggest that the school could have a traitor among them. Kaminari is the most heavily theorized character to be the UA traitor. I might do another one on pro suspects but today its just students.

Firstly they attacked the usj implying that they had some kind of knowledge of UAs schedule. The idea of a traitor was introduced early in the mangaanime because of two main incidents. In the past a chapter featuring Aoyama sparked major buzz about his possible traitor status and Kaminari is the latest character to get fans talking.

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