Cultivate In A Sentence

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An example of cultivate is when you work to create a friendship and help that friendship grow. We could not colonise it could not cultivate it could not draw a revenue from it.

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Some place can cultivate medicinal materials also benne because local people eat benne as main oil.

Cultivate in a sentence. Sentence Examples Oats millet opium poppies and flax were also being cultivatedby the end of the Neolithic period. I have noted that a strong party is one in which rank-and-file members are more. An example of cultivate is when you prepare land to farm on it.

Cirilo 274050 You should cultivate the habit of getting up early. No longer in the natural state. Cultivated in a sentence.

To cultivate is designed as to prepare land to grow something or to nurture and cause growth either literally or figuratively. 249350 We cultivate rice. Cultivated used in a sentence.

How To Use Cultivate In A Sentence. Not Newt has seldom missed a chance to cultivate a friendship. Furthermore in cultivatedsoils dense compact subsoils frequently underlie the loosened topsoil.

Make sentence of Cultivated. On this page we are showing correct ways to write. An example of cultivate is when you cause carrots to grow.

But attempts made to cultivate in a similar way the comma bacillus by transferring it from animal to animal failed. 62 Other aromatic varieties are either too delicate to cultivate in Champagne or too late ripening to bear fruit. Some of the fields are cultivated while others lie fallow.

Parents should cultivate confidence in their children. Marked by refinement in taste and manners. The purpose of couples therapy is to help us cultivate a loving and supportive relationship.

Blay_paul 713306 Rice is cultivated in several parts of the world. Make sentence with Cultivated. The other is the expedient relationship it cultivated with Nazi Germany.

Another capacity that science must cultivate. Cultivate in a sentence 1 Because friendships enhance our livesit is important to cultivate them. He was very polite to me and seemed to be strongly inclined to cultivate an intimacy with me.

Cultivate the habit of writing a diary or. Cultivate poverty like a garden herb like sage. Good sentence like quote proverb Cultivate in a sentence 61 The Mayans grew maize beans and pumpkins and were the first to cultivate cocoa.

The Word Cultivate in Example Sentences Page 1. One can only cultivate it perhaps by training. Examples of cultivate in a sentence how to use it.

CM 518877 They cultivated the land. Dejo 22631 We should cultivate our minds by reading good books. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for cultivate It is the job of a parent to cultivate a sense of self-confidence in childrenThey cultivate grapes for making excellent wine in many parts of the Okanagan.

Examples of Cultivate in a sentence As an educator I try to cultivate a passion for learning among my students. Onstage Addy often communicated an air of carefully cultivated distinction. Although no one would plant these weedy types they all have attractive cultivatedcousins.

Its difficult to see cultivate in a sentence. Examples of cultivate in a Sentence Prehistoric peoples settled the area and began to cultivate the land. Of land or fields prepared for raising crops by plowing or fertilizing 2.

3 The land was too rocky to cultivate. A complete sentence always contains a verb expresses a complete idea and makes sense standing alone. Upon the island they cultivate their cornfields secure against the aggressions of their enemies.

First cultivate all your personal powers not competitively but patiently and usefully. Farmers grow loose flowers in open fields but cultivate cut flowers under controlled conditions Cloistered monks throughout the medieval period routinely kept gardens both for growing their own food and spices and for cultivating medicinal herbs to aid in the healing of their ill brethren. It is the job of a parent to cultivate a sense of self-confidence in children.

Cultivate in a sentence esp. 2 Father tries to cultivate my love for art. Developed by human care and for human use 3.

Random good picture Not show 1 For a cultivated man to be ignorant of foreign languages is a great inconveniece. Put differently Chinese managers cultivate ties not only toward associates with the expertise or resources they need. They seem to be as careful to cultivate the genius and temperament as the heart and conscience.

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