Legacy In A Sentence

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62 Yet these will hardly bear the weight of a theory so grand as the fusion of legacy and trust. Its difficult to see legacy in a sentence.

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EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB All three actions directly threaten the legacy of Carl Stokes and that river fire back in 1969.

Legacy in a sentence. Good sentence like quote proverb Legacy in a sentence 61 Mission – a wish to help others to leave a legacy to pass on knowledge to serve a purpose. Legacy Chests are hidden chests found in Outward which can be used to pass down items to legacy characters. Sentence Examples Mendietas legacyseems to ripple outward like circles of waves radiating from a stone cast in the water.

Sometimes a legacy statement provides permission to the next generation to take different paths explore new ideas and yet often it is a reflection on the responsibilities left by the previous generation and your best guidance for the future. In its basic meaning a legacy is a gift of money or other personal property thats granted by the terms of a willoften a substantial gift that needs to be properly managed. The only person generally disqualified to receive a legacy is the witness to a will.

As reflected in an increasingly rich legacy of literature on child development and psychopathology social contexts appear to influence emerging mental disorders through dynamic bidirectional interactions with individual children. The Legacy of Permission and Responsibilities. Legacy in a sentence esp.

The writer intended to make sure his legacy was one of love and creativity. This here lies my legacy. Put legacy and eaves in a single sentence simple sentence Answers Mine.

An example of legacy is family property that has been handed down for generations. Its different from goals which are about achievements. We would rather leave it as a legacy to our children than the richest estate ever owned by man.

There may even be some hedge fund legacies in the making. As for her legacy that can only be assessed later. A legacyis something which we deposit into this life that will outlast us for generations to come.

The definition of legacy is something that is passed on to you from family including reputation. But the word is used much more broadly as well. 1 Usage 2 Locations 3 Item Upgrades 4 See Also To use a legacy Chest a player must insert items into all desired.

There are a total of four legacy Chests one in each region so a player can inherit four legacy items per play-through. Since his father had attended the college he would be considered a legacy which would grant him easier admission. Legacy in a sentence 1 An elderly cousin had left her a small legacy.

Put legacy and eaves in a single sentence simple sentence LOGIN TO VIEW ANSWER. Shaw requested that the income from his legacyshould be distributed to subsidise cultural activities in Carlow. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you Shannon L.

Do you know the better answer. English words and Examples of Usage use legacy in a sentence After years of blaming the clubs owner with its continuing deterioration this move which is considered by most fans as treason of the clubs legacy caused them to announce they will not support the club in the new arena and under the current owners. And I carry on his legacy.

51 YEARS LATER THE CUYAHOGA RIVER BURNS AGAIN WES SILER AUGUST 28 2020 OUTSIDE ONLINE. Time to Go and Legacy. 3 He received a large legacy from his uncle.

He also left a legacy of a greatly improved educational system. How To Use Legacy In A Sentence. If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead either write something worth reading.

Examples of lasting legacy in a sentence how to use it. But the most lasting legacy of his manoeuvres was undoubtedly the. Your Personal Legacy Statement or Personal Mission Statement is your declaration of how youd like to live your life and impact others from an ethical standpoint.

Examples of Legacy in a sentence Though his family history was full of violence he was determined to make his own legacy. And that legacy is the. Not Your Standard Legacy.

2 Hes gambled away all his fathers legacy. Such is the heavy legacy of blunders with which the dean and chapter are burdened. Ask your question Login with google.

From Cambridge English Corpus They have inherited a rich legacy of unsolved planning and housing problems.

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