What Does Exemplify Mean

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To show by means of an example. IgĖˆzemplifai verb to be an example of.

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Exemplify Verb To be an instance of or serve as an example.

What does exemplify mean. What does exemplify mean. From the Cambridge English Corpus Patterns of animal communication exemplify a case of varied solutions to the same problem. What does exemplify meanA spoken definition of exemplifyIntro SoundTypewriter – TamskpLicensed under CCBA 30Outro MusicGroove Groove – Kevin MacLeod i.

The plays of Wilde exemplify the comedy of manners. ExamSofts testing software Examplify provides students with a secure and stable exam environment for all assessment types. EXEMPLIFY used as a verb is rare.

How to use exemplify in a sentence. EXEMPLIFY verb The verb EXEMPLIFY has 2 senses. 1aTo illustrate by example.

With plenty of in-exam tools such as question highlighting answer choice cross-out item flagging and multiple alarmsExamplify makes assessment navigation a breeze. To furnish or serve as an example of. Exemplify Let us show the translation of several domains of properties into the language of partial predicates and exemplify checking by means of equational reasoning.

Wests Encyclopedia of American Law edition 2. To exemplify is defined as to be the perfect example of something or to give an example to illustrate a point. Exemplifying something can also mean make it clearer by offering an illustration or an example.

Exemplified exemplifying exemplifies. 3 synonyms of exemplify from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 24 related words definitions and antonyms. Clarify by giving an example of Familiarity information.

-fies -fying or -fied transitive 1. To show by example 2. To show or illustrate by example.

His originality as a composer is exemplified by the following group of songs. From mediaeval exemplificare from exemplum example. Exemplify definition is – to show or illustrate by example.

Exemplification An official copy of a document from public records made in a form to be used as evidence and authenticated or certified as a true copy. Such a duplicate is also referred to as an exemplified copy or a certified copy. To show or make clear by using examples.

IgĖˆzemplifai verb to be an example of. 2Law To make a certified copy of a document. BTo serve as an example of.

His originality as a composer is exemplified by the following group of songs. Scenes that exemplify the film directors style. Find another word for exemplify.

When a piece of art is the perfect example of the modern art movement it is an example of the art that exemplifies the modern art movement. Make an attested copy of a document under seal. Be characteristic of 2.

To show by means of an example. If you want to exemplify your argument that say pirate gear is fashionable you might want to show your friends some pictures of celebrities wearing eye patches. What does exemplified mean.

Information and translations of exemplified in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Verb used with object exemplified exemplifying. Exemplified meaning Exemplified is defined as presented the perfect example of something.

If you were trying to teach others good behavior and you were absolutely as polite and well-behaved as could be this is an example of when you exemplified good behavior. To transcribe or copy.

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