What Does Daunting Mean

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How to use daunting in a sentence. As this word is an adjective it applies only when describing something which cannot be referred to when using a pronoun or proper noun.

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Something that is daunting makes you feel slightly afraid or worried about dealing with it.

What does daunting mean. A formidabledauntingtough challenge a very difficult one How to deal with waste is a daunting challenge for the west. As in disheartening disconcerting. Reading a 600-page historical novel may look daunting but I think youll enjoy itLeer una novela histórica de 600 páginas puede parecer algo desalentador pero creo que te gustará.

Daunting frightening in a way that makes you not feel confident It is a pretty daunting prospect being on stage for forty minutes. The country was faced with the daunting prospect of overcoming four decades of division. Seeming difficult to deal with in anticipation.

Though walking seven miles home was a daunting prospect there wasnt really any other optionAunque la. Wiktionary 300 2 votes Rate this definition. Verbs for daunting include daunt daunted daunting and daunts.

It is almost always used to describe tasks projects or other things that need to be done. ˈdɑːntɪŋ making you feel slightly frightened or worried about your ability to achieve something. Having to fill out complicated tax forms every year is a daunting task for many people.

By definition anything daunting is tending to overwhelm or intimidate according to Merriam-Websters dictionary. Often used in the phrases daunting prospect and daunting task daunting describes something that you are not looking forward to doing. To daunt ones adversaries.

Daunt definition to overcome with fear. Find another word for daunting. Daunting definition is – tending to overwhelm or intimidate.

Daunting Adjective discouraging inspiring fear daunting Adjective overwhelming intimidatingly impressive. 48 synonyms and near synonyms of daunting from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 15 antonyms and near antonyms. Dogged by sickness daunted by the continuing economic downturn he continued to fall behind Brooks D.

But daunting is commonly used as an adjective. Answer 0 kcaintlcoz3567 Like teasing in some ways if something is daunting it can also mean intimidating or scary or it could mean something is teasing something or it is daunting the to dare it depends on the context of how it is used in a sentence. Daunted daunting daunts To lessen the courage or resolution of.

Source null David Beckham has admitted he found the experience of stripping to his underwear for a series of Emporio Armani adverts daunting. What makes it more daunting is there is a large cast of characters beyond the team of 8 who themselves need to be shown. What does daunting mean.

Daunting is the progressive or continuous tense the -ing form of the verb daunt meaning to intimidate or discourage.

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