What Does Punctual Mean

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Punctual definition strictly observant of an appointed or regular time. We call those types punctual.

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Some people seem to follow an appointment clock instinctively.

What does punctual mean. The original meaning of punctual described a puncture made by a surgeon. Paid or accomplished at or by the appointed time. ˈpʌŋktʃuəl arriving doing something or happening at the expected correct time.

Get a punctual mug for your dad Paul. An example of punctual is a person who promises to arrive at 2 and who arrives at 2. Acting or arriving or performed exactly at the time appointed Familiarity information.

PUNCTUAL adjective The adjective PUNCTUAL has 1 sense. Punctual or punctuality refers to doing something or arriving at the expected time. The word has meant lots of other things through the centuries usually involving being precise about small points.

Punctual definition strictly observant of an appointed or regular time. Five minutes late wont cut it. A punctual start to the meeting Hes fairly punctual he usually arrives on time.

Punctuality has never been his strong point. The definition of punctual is on time or not late. Quotations marks are a pair of punctuation marks used primarily to mark the beginning and end of a passage attributed to another and repeated word for word.

Confined to or having the nature of a point in space. Ill see if hes here yet. Acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed.

How to use unpunctual in a sentence. Late or habitually late. PUNCTUAL used as an adjective is very rare.

When Is Punctuality Important for Business. Adjective accurate ad tempus advenire attentive conscientious dependable diligent early exact exacting expeditious fussy meticulous. Hes always very punctual.

What does punctual mean. When someone says Be punctual that means you better be there on time. Being punctual is drilled into us from an early age but many people suffer from poor punctuality which can have an adverse effect on your business.

As chair of the committee she insisted on punctuality. What does punctual mean. Unpunctual definition is – not punctual.

Dont go outside she said. On time timely early prompt More Synonyms of punctual. It essentially means not being late.

They are also used to indicate meanings and to indicate the unusual or dubious status of a word. A punctual train or a punctual payment or a punctual person shows up on the dot. ˌpʌnktʃuˈæləti the fact of arriving doing something or happening at the expected or correct time and not late.

Information and translations of punctual in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. And to further nit-pick the choice cannot be between punctual or precise because punctual can mean precise. And today punctuality is all about time.

If you are punctual you do something or arrive somewhere at the right time and are not late.

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