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2003 by Saunders an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Supersaturated solution refers to a solution that contains more of dissolved material than could be dissolved by the solvent under normal circumstances.

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It may be brought to equilibrium by forcing the excess of solute to separate from the solution.

Definition supersaturated solution. What is a supersaturated sugar solution. These crystals provide the lattice structure seed which causes the sodium acetate ions in solution to crystallize out. A minor disturbance of the solution or introduction of a seed or tiny crystal of solute will force crystallization of excess solute.

A perfect example is sweet tea popular in Texas which has sugar added while the tea is still hot when it cools down it holds more sugar than it would have had the sugar been added if the tea had been cold. The solubility at 50 C is 244 g100 mL of water. At room temperature a saturated solution keeps the maximum possible amount of solute and the rest becomes excess.

A solution that is unsaturated does not have excess material or solvent within the liquid. Containing an amount of a substance greater than that required for saturation as a result of having been cooled from a higher temperature to a temperature below that at which saturation occurs a supersaturated solution air supersaturated with water vapor Examples of supersaturated in a Sentence. Definition of supersaturated solution – Chemistry Dictionary Definition of supersaturated solution 1 A solution that contains a higher than saturation concentration of solute.

A supersaturated solution is a solution that contains more than the maximum amount of solute that is capable of being dissolved at a given temperature. For example the solubility of glucose at 25 C is 91 g100 mL of water. Volumetric solution one that contains a specific quantity of solvent per stated unit of volume.

A supersaturated solution is a solution that has more of a substance dissolved into a solvent than normal. An Update on Current Concepts The rapid transfer of heat from the blank to the die allows for alloying elements to be locked in a supersaturated solution state SSSS. Luckily for you chemists know how to make a supersaturated solution a solution that holds more solute than it normally could in its saturated form.

Supersaturated solution an unstable solution containing more of the solute than it can permanently hold. A supersaturated solution can be prepared by preparing a saturated solution at a higher than desired temperature then allowing it to cool decreasing the solubility of the solute. Definition of supersaturated.

The recrystallization of the excess dissolved solute in a supersaturated solution can be initiated by the addition of a tiny crystal of solute called a seed crystal. A supersaturated solution is in a metastable state. In this case a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate is poured over a crystal of sodium acetate.

A supersaturated solution contains more solute at a given temperature than is needed to form a saturated solution. A supersaturated solution holds more of the solvent than it would be able to under normal circumstances. Supersaturated supersaturating supersaturates 1.

Increased temperature usually increases the solubility of solids in liquids. Slight disturbance or seeding causes crystallization of excess solute. Figure 31 shows a beaker with more solid solute than in the saturated solution Figure 11 dissolving.

In Figure 31-33 there is a constant amount of water in all the beakers. The definition of a supersaturated solution is one which contains more dissolved solute than could ordinarily dissolve into the solvent. The term can also be applied to a mixture of gases.

Unsaturated solutions have the potential to effectively dissolve more material before reaching the point of full saturation. This is an example of a supersaturated solution. Supersaturated solutions are very unstable and.

The salt begins to crystallize forming a large sodium acetate structure from the precipitation of the ions out of solution. A supersaturated solution is a solution with more dissolved solute than the solvent would normally dissolve in its current conditions. Supersaturation is achieved by dissolving a solute in one set of conditions then transferring it to other conditions without triggering any release of the solute.

A supersaturated solution is a solution that contains more than the average solvent that can be dissolved at a given temperature. The recrystallization of the excess dissolved solvent in a super-saturated solution can be started by inserting a tiny solute crystal called a seed crystal. A supersaturated solution on the other hand is when the excess of solute is dissolved in the solvent as a result of changes in temperature pressure or other conditions.

Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine Nursing and Allied Health Seventh Edition. In Figure 32 solid begins to crystallize as it slowly decreases the. To cause a chemical solution to contain more dissolved solute than is normally possible under given conditions of temperature and pressure.

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