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In the context of networks capacity is the complex measurement of the maximum amount of data that may be transferred between network locations over a link or network path. The maximum amount something can contain or absorb esp in the phrase filled to capacity.

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It is very rare for a person not to have capacity for any decisions.

In what capacity. Capacity has several definitions. A capacity of six gallons. A letter of recommendation is important because it gives you the chance to vouch for someone and that individual has the opportunity to.

In what capacity can ask in what role or function someone is performing in. Would you recommend himher for this position. An example of capacity is how many people can fit in a room.

An outdoor venue is limited to the participants players coaches staff and spectators so long as the number of spectators is limited to the lesser of 30 percent of the occupancy load of the certificate of. Because of the amount of intertwined measurement variables and scenarios actual network capacity is rarely accurate. Capacity audiencecrowd The rally drew a capacity crowd of 15000 people the place which held 15000 people was completely full.

The total amount or number of things or people that something can hold. What Does Capacity Mean in Letter of Recommendation. Could you give me a brief description of the duties the candidate performed.

The amount that can be contained. So far no surprises. The region is valued for its coal and vast electricity-generating capacity.

An indoor venue is limited to the participants plus 25 spectators per fieldcourt. What does Capacity mean. Capacity is the maximum level of output that a company can sustain to make a product or provide a service.

The ability or power to contain absorb or hold 2. What is the capacity of a venue with multiple fields. Being an attorney in fact is one type of capacity while a person could also sign in their capacity as themselves as an individual without a relation to their official corporate or government title.

Like The capacity of this fuel tank is 17 gallons Thats not the definition that is applicable here. Total Production Quantity During a Time Period One of the easiest ways to measure capacity is to simply use the total production quantity for a given time period. An example of capacity is the amount of water a cup can hold.

While we usually see capacity as in how much something can hold it also means the ability or power to do experience or understand something. The definition of capacity is the ability of someone or something to hold something. Capacity definition is – legal competency or fitness.

In what capacity did you work with the candidate eg peer colleague supervisor. Capacity is decision specific If you care for or provide services to a person whose decision-making is in question you may need to decide frequently each time a decision is made whether the person has capacity to make each and every decision. Noun A capacity is the official job title for an individual.

A capacity of sth The tanks have a capacity of 1000 litres. From the Latin word capacitatem meaning breadth capacity capacity is a noun that in the simplest sense means ability or capability. Bread factories are working at full capacity.

How to use capacity in a sentence. What were the candidates strengths. Planning for capacity requires management to accept limitations on the production process.

The capability of a room to hold a certain number of people the ability of a law to change crime rates your ability to pick up foreign languages. Sometime during your career you may be asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone you know or are acquainted with. What were the candidates weaknesses or areas where the candidate could improve.

The capacity of something such as a factory industry or region is the quantity of things that it can produce or deliver with the equipment or resources that are availablethe amount of spare capacity in the economy. For example if your plant can produce an average of 20000 gizmos per week then your total capacity is 20000 gizmos per week.

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