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Exemplify sentence in english. Make sentence of Exemplify.

Do You Have An Seo Key Phrase Do You One Single Sentence That Exemplifies What You

Use Exemplify in a sentence.

Exemplify in a sentence. We shall exemplify this subject by considering the case of two waves travelling in the same direction through the air. Transitive verb If a person or thing exemplifies something such as a situation quality or class of things they are a typical example of it. Many of these terms exemplify the witty and ironic creativeness of English speakers.

Make sentence with Exemplify. The citys economic growth is exemplified by the many new buildings that are currently under construction. When James chooses his assistant manager he will select the employee who can most exemplify the core values of the company.

He turned out stories and sketches to exemplify the generalized jottings of his notebook. Examples of Exemplify in a sentence Students expect their teachers to exemplify good behavior at all times. In the experiment skin was used to exemplify the cell membrane.

As female mod fashion went from an underground style. This work exemplifies Parrishs characteristic use of androgynous figures. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Political elites also tried to exploit the Doctrine to punish adversaries and advance their political agendas as exemplified by the Kennedy Johnson and Nixon administrations.

Its difficult to see exemplify in a sentence. The sphere of thought was joined to that of action and the philosophy of Francis Bacon exemplifies the resultant outlook. Whereas at one point we would always destroy those moves hed always want to exemplify them.

His beachfront house in California exemplifies his devotion to straightforward regionally appropriate design. Throughout modern history baseball has come to exemplify the American spirit. Examples of exemplify in a Sentence His works exemplify the taste of the period.

Andrea Rosens gallery on 24th Street exemplifies the problem. It seems to me that the lesson that we should learn and take to heart and preach and exemplify is that which was preached by the Honourable George Brown at the time of Confederation. The current S10 and Blazer exemplify this strategy.

Others were pulled from our literature database. To show or illustrate by example. Exemplify in a sentence exemplify example sentences The following accounts exemplify the danger.

I believe we can work together to exemplify equality inclusivity and respect. The site exemplifies the style of architecture that was popular at the time of the ancient civilasation. Im going to exemplify one or two of these points.

Frederick Brewing Company is considered to exemplify the 1990s microbeer bubble. The plays of Wilds exemplify the comedy of manners. Exemplify Sentence Examples The teeth especially exemplify the carnivorous type in its highest condition of development.

Taking her hands she said Jesse you exemplify love and mercy. Exemplify in a sentence 1. If you think we can improve please write us at Email To Searchsentences.

THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE WONT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS BUT IT CAN FOSTER NEEDED DEBATE VICTOR PICKARD FEBRUARY 4 2021 WASHINGTON POST. Sentence with the word exemplify. Use exemplify in a sentence Battle of Allepo These actions taken by Timurs army do not necessarily exemplify a hatred towards Jews by Timur though but rather an 43.

In many ways Mathias Forson exemplifies the new African Christians. Verb used with object exemplified exemplifying. Verb to serve as a good example.

An anecdote to exemplify the folly of political. The plays of Wilde exemplify the. Exemplify used in a sentence.

Moonvescomments actually exemplify the problem facing the minority community. Its difficult to see exemplify in a sentence. The high school dropouts exemplify what is wrong with todays public school system.

We tried to list the best first. Sentence Examples The collection of essays exemplifies the diversity and fecundity of medieval rhetorical studies. To furnish or serve as an example of.

Authenticity is one of the deepest things Leaders Without a Title exemplify. What other website visitors are viewing. Sentence Examples Both processes exemplify adaptation or adjustment but very different mechanisms must be involved.

20 sample sentences for EXEMPLIFY. All of them exemplify the past prosperity of the Qi State. These chapters exemplify a recent shift in Occitan scholarship away from the analysis of individual songs.

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