Best Weapons In Dauntless

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Red damage is from what you get from attacking a Wound that. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.

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Find out the best axes to use to defeat Behemoths in this tier list and guide.

Best weapons in dauntless. While each weapon that can be equipped has the ability to level up gain different elemental values and can be affected by mods and cells they also bring. But as for what is really important at the moment the catalog of weapons in this game is really considerable and you will hardly be able to quickly learn which ones are the best for each occasion. Protect yourself as well as you can with the help of these five best armor sets in Dauntless.

So id say axe is still on top. The Sword is a great weapon for breaking parts particularly if youre allied with a War Pike user Slashing weapons like the Sword and Axe deal bonus Part and Wound damage. In short the weapons in Dauntless have 3 main statistics that will help us do one type of damage or another.

It can do a lot of things – boop Behemoths sever Behemoth parts and even be used as a throwable in the game. By Sergey3847 When crafting a piece of armor or an entire set in Dauntless players need to make sure that all of the components work really well with their weapon of choice and perks. Swords are by far and away the most balanced Dauntless weapons.

While using the chain blades your dodge roll is replaced with a short fast dash. From potions accessories to armor and weapons that will give you the opportunity to specialize in any of the branches of profession that Dauntless offers you. And it deals quick and painful damage while still allowing you to move in and out of danger very easily.

If youre heading out on hunts alone the Sword is one of the best weapons around finding a perfect balance of damage and maneuverability. Most people judge weapon strength based on kill times from speedruns. Dauntless Axe – best weapon for direct damage and breaking parts.

In the case of the recent free-to-play Behemoth-slaying hit Dauntless the weapons you choose define how you play the game. They offer a middle ground on both strength and speed essential for slayers that want to get up close and in the face of Behemoths. Overall Great Damage Usability The Axe is at the top of the weapons in Dauntless doing great damage wherever it is placed.

Check out the top 5 Axes to use in Dauntless. Dauntless Best Swords Radiant Blaze Frost Terra Umbral Shock Best Swords in Dauntless Which Swords to Choose. Anytime a new game comes out with multiple options or customization choices a tier list is never very far away.

80 Blaze Unsurprisingly one of the most powerful axes in Dauntless is another Hellion weapon as it is undoubtedly the strongest DPS weapon in the game. We already wrote an extensive guide explaining all about the types of damage in dauntless and elemental damage. The humble sword has been a mainstay in games and Dauntless doesnt bother trying to reinvent the wheel for this steadfast melee weapon.

They cant do anything special like wound or stagger the behemoths. The best swords in Dauntless and which sword you should choose depends entirely on your style of play. Axe is the only weapon that cant reach its full potential in this scenario because the hunts are over too fast while still being able to compete.

Check Out The Top 5 Axe Weapons Here. The Repeaters are currently considered one of Dauntless best weapons thanks to their sustained damage output and versatility. You can expect reliability flexibility average stats.

In this article well teach you what are the best weapons to craft in the early mid and endgame. The dash is a great tool for positioning quickly but terrible for actually dodging through a behemoths attacks. They are the most well-rounded weapon you can choose but that means they dont have any major perks either.

This includes ease of use skill required and end game viability. The chain blades are the fastest weapon in dauntless designed to get in and out quickly. Just like the Hellion hammer it adds an e xtra 250 damage to each sixth successive hit.

Most melee weapons have to find the time to get in close for strikes between Behemoth attacks and need goo positioning to damage specific parts. The Chain Blades are the fastest weapon to use in Dauntless and are well suited to players who love to demonstrate a high DPS. With the Chain Blades equipped you can move very quickly.

Chain Blades If you fancy a more mobile and fleet-footed play style in Dauntless then the Chain Blades are the best weapon type for you. There are 4 ways to do damage to behemoth in dauntless basic part stagger and wound. The only reason this is skewed is because fully geared hunts dont pose enough of a challenge.

The best solo weapon Of all Dauntless weapons the Sword is easily the best all-rounder and serves as a fantastic weapon for both newbies and experienced Slayers. As such this Dauntless weapons guide will be very useful for new players as most of these weapons can actually carry on to the end game and still be very strong all you have to do is upgrade them. These weapons were chosen and ranked according to their usability effectiveness in hunting Behemoths.

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