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Divergent alike abet dire in SAT if youre in doubt about the correctness of the answers or theres no answer then try to use the smart search and find answers to the similar questions. Use trite in a sentence.

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Lethargic : vital :: trite :. As you can see these two words are antonyms meaning that they have completely different meanings. 3 points lie on an xy plane with each point representing where a particular person lives. Lethargic is a cat sitting by the window on a rainy day.

This questions contains verbal ability logical reasoning quantitive aptitude technical questions answers. Lethargic means sluggish kind of inactive Vital means full of energy lively So they are antonyms. E-Newspapers Media Maps More Recommendations for finding news audiovideo images government.

If lethargic is to vital then trite is to. GOOD TO KNOW TAX CENTER. Ask question 100.

To make an appointment call 253-967-99049941. Some major retailers will still require masks in Texas. Proper ID and documentation is required.

The JBLM area is subject to freezing fog black ice and snow. Lethargic means lazy whereas vital means full of life. Hope this helps you.

Lethargic is to vital as trite is to original. Get answers by asking now. Trite is something that is lacking in freshness and effectiveness due to its constant use or repetition.

Birth and death certificates may continue to be ordered online by mail. King County Vital Statistics Office suspending in-person counter service. Lethargic means lazy where as vital means full of life.

So in order to finish the analogy we need to find the antonym of the word trite. To reduce person-to-person contact effective Monday March 16 2020 the King County Vital Statistics office at 908 Jefferson Street in Seattle has suspended lobby service until Monday July 5 2021. A trite expression is which used by everyone and thus has lost its meaning.

CDC praised for advice on zombie apocalypse prep. So for the 2nd part of the analogy you are looking for a antonym to trite. Lethargic means lazy depressed whereas vital means full of life.

Encyclopedias. So an antonym of Trite is Unique. Trite means copycat and the opposite of copycat is original Trite can also mean cliché tired or overplayed.

Lethargic means sluggish or inactive while vital means full of energy and lively. Coditas Technologies Online Campus Aptitude Test 2021. School of Rock star.

E-Journals Alphabetical list of electronic journal titles held at UW. Fame led to raging addiction. In each case youre being asked for the antonym of the last word.

Trite means copycat and the opposite of copycat is original Trite can also be defined as cliché tired or overplayed. Find an answer to your question Vaunt. The interns responses came across as trite and immature which.

Articles. The JBLM Tax Center in Building 6230 provides free tax services to service members their families and retirees. Trite means lacking originality or something overused like a cliche.

Lethargic is a word that means tired lazy sluggish so antonyms of lethargic would be energetic and active. This website has interview questions for developer software engineer etc. 1 year 10 months ago Lethargic means lazy whereas vital means full of life.

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