Which Of The Following Is The Most Damaging Method Of Soil Remediation?

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Heating and vapor extraction d. 1 question Which of the following is the most damaging method of soil remediation.

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Ground water erosion can result in the formation of stalactite and stalagmite in caves.

Which of the following is the most damaging method of soil remediation?. The soils 5 kg were put in polyethylene pots and mixed with Pb NO 3 2 of different strengths 0 125 500 1000 and 2000 mg kg 1Then zeolites were blended into the treated soils at various. Remediation of salt-affected sites can be performed for a number of reasons. The pot experimentsUncontaminated garden soil was loess-derived-incalcareous-cinnamon soil.

CEC is a measure of the soils capacity to hold cations namely calcium magnesium potassium sodium hydrogen and aluminum. Soil pollution is defined as the build-up in soils of persistent toxic compounds chemicals salts radioactive materials or disease causing agents which have adverse effects on plant growth and animal health Soil is the thin layer of organic and inorganic materials that covers the Earths rocky surface. The higher the CEC the more problematic the removal and remediation of the salt problem.

The remediation of heavy metal-contaminated soils has attracted increased attention worldwide. Soil excavation and disposal. Soil excavation and disposal is the most damaging method of soil remediation.

Among the processes used in soil remediation excavation and dredging are among the most common. Which of the following is the most damaging method of soil remediation. For example cleaning up sediments – the bottoms of rivers lakes marshes and the ocean – often involves having to physically remove those sediments.

Log in for more information. Heating and vapor extraction d. Soil excavation and disposal b.

One successful method of removing polluted sediments is dredging. Seventeen soil samples from five different locations were analysed for pollution characteristics and the target pollutants included inorganic pollutants and heavy metals as well as. Heavy metals are some of the most stubborn soil pollutants.

New in situ oxidation technologies have become popular for remediation of a wide range of soil and groundwater contaminants. This process involves extracting soil that is contaminated and deemed to be unrecoverable using current technology and transporting it to a landfill set aside for this purpose. Remediation of salt affected soils Water separated from oil and gas during production contains dissolved solids including salts.

Heating and vapor extraction d. Landslide mitigation refers to several man-made activities on slopes with the goal of lessening the effect of landslidesLandslides can be triggered by many sometimes concomitant causes. Soil liquefaction also called earthquake liquefaction ground failure or loss of strength that causes otherwise solid soil to behave temporarily as a viscous liquidThe phenomenon occurs in water-saturated unconsolidated soils affected by seismic S waves secondary waves which cause ground vibrations during earthquakesAlthough earthquake shock is the best known cause of liquefaction.

Soil excavation and disposal b. They can bond very tightly to soil particles and they cannot be broken down by microbial processes. The soil properties were shown in Table 1The soil was treated by the following methods.

This process relies on micro-organisms including bacteria andor fungi which use the contaminant as a food source. Soil excavation and disposal b. Heating and vapor extraction d.

Bioremediation is the use of biological processes to degrade transform or essentially remove contaminants from soil and water. Which of the following is the most damaging method of soil remediation. Which of the following is the most damaging method of soil remediation.

Field patterns are the same in all parts of the world. Remediation is the process of stopping or reducing pollution that is threatening the health of people or wildlife. In addition to shallow erosion or reduction of shear strength caused by seasonal rainfall landslides may be triggered by anthropic activities such as adding excessive weight above the slope digging at mid.

The following is the most damaging method of soil remediation. Remediation by chemical oxidation involves the injection of strong oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide ozone gas potassium permanganate or persulfates. Soil excavation and disposal b.

The immobilization of metals to prevent their uptake by plants is an efficient way to remediate. Produced water with sufficient salt concentrations can damage plants and soils if improperly handled. The concentrations of pollutants in soil samples collected in and around a dumpsite in Heze Shandong China were investigated and the potential ecological and health risks of these pollutants were assessed.

Microbial digestion Please select the best answer from the choices provided. Hyper accumulators are already being used throughout the country to help clean up heavy metals and polluted soil.

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