What Does Como Eres Mean

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Ty I thought so I was told it meant something else. I eat the way I eat.

Te Amo Significa Te Acepto Tal Y Como Eres I Love You Means Meaning Of True Love Trust Yourself

The Spanish phrase Como eres literally translates to How are you in English.

What does como eres mean. It literally means How are you but because it uses the verb ser it means as Rey said what are you like If you said Cómo estás you are asking about your present condition. Become a member and. Start studying Como Eres.

And i have no clue what to say can you please help me translate it into english and can you please give me an example of how to answer it into spanish. There are other meanings but will depend on the context. Get alert when someone else answer this question Email Required.

Most of the times it means that you are too young to stand for or to tolerate something like alcohol or too young to know about some aspect of life. Im goo thanks and you ect. It is like the first one except that its used in an indication while the first one is used to introduce.

The direct translation is You are a chicken but We used for different reasons than English. Prefiero como lo haces tú I prefer it the way you do it la manera como sucedió the way in which it happened fue así como comenzó that was how it began lo levanté como pude I lifted it as best I could tal como tal como lo había planeado just as o the way I had planned it. Please answer fast first good answer gets the 10 points.

Without a context I can only guess. What does como eres tu. The second como is I eat.

What does eres mean in Spanish. You may be a little confused at a speakers response if you dont know the difference between the two. Create an account to start this course today Used by over 30 million students worldwide Create an account Like this lesson Share.

What does como eres tu. See full answer below. In the Spanish language there are two ways to ask the question how are you yet they dont warrant same response.

What does como eres mean. I am confused whether it means how are you or what are you like. Its like como estas it means how are you.

Usually answered by Bien gracias. As in your appearance personality etc. I have respond to como eres tudescripcion fisica y de tu personalidad.

Como eres tu is a colloquial way of asking about someones personal attributes. 31 indic lo hice como me habían enseñado I did it as I had been taught hazlo como te dijo ella do it like o the way she told you toca como canta she plays like o the same way as she sings no es como me lo imaginaba it isnt as o like I imagined it prefiero como lo haces tú I prefer it the way you do it. Luckily we put together a little cheat sheet for you so that you will know how to respond appropriately.

Mean in english what does como es tu hermano mean. What does cómo eres mean from spanish to english. The fourth como is the way.

Como no eres means as you arent so theres no real way to respond to this. Como estas on the other hand means how are you as in how are you feeling. More meanings for eres.

Updated Jan 19 2014. Explore our library of over 83000. You couls reply with many thing such as saying- estoy muy buen grasias y tu.

The first como the one with the accent is the word how introducing a question. How do I eat. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.

However as opposed to the phrase Como estas the phrase is. Lets take a look. So is the third and fifth one.

Magbigay ka nga ng isang halimbawa o paliwanag tungkol sa tekstong narativ. What does como eres tu mean in spanish. Im an authorized Spanish-English-Spanish translator and a native Spanish speaker.

Como eres tu means how are you.

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