Area Of A Pentagon

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From the center of an edgeside. Area of a Pentagon Formula A pentagon is a five-sided polygon in geometry.

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It may be simple or self intersecting in shape.

Area of a pentagon. Apothem is the line from the center of the pentagon to a side intersecting the side at 90 degrees right angle. Write down the pentagon area formula. Learn how to find the area of a regular polygon when only given the radius of the the polygon.

There are three simple formulas for finding area of a regular pentagon. Most of the common type of Pentagon that is followed during construction as well as a Regular Polygon having all equal sides and angles. Area of regular pentagon can be found out in 2 ways.

Most of the time you will be tasked with finding the area of a regular pentagon so this lesson will not cover irregular pentagons. A regular pentagon has 5 equal sides. The area of a pentagon is the space inside its five straight sides.

We go through an example involving a regular pentagon inscrib. So if your calculator doesnt have a tan function use the formula Area 5 s2 4 5-25. A 10 Output.

Area of pentagon 5 2 3 2 15cm2 Note. Below given an Area of a Pentagon Calculator that helps you in calculating the area of a five-sided pentagon. 1 A 025s 2 25 105 2 A 25sa 3 A 05pa Where A is the area s is the side length a is the apothem length and p is the perimeter.

Where s is the side of the Pentagon and a is the apothem length. So all we actually needed to work out the area of 1 of the 5 triangles was the length of the blue line and the length of a sideedge of the Pentagon. Find the area of a regular pentagon that has a side length of 3 cm and an apothem of 2 cm.

The area shown above is only the a measurement from one of the five total interior triangles. A regular pentagon has equal sides and congruent angles. There are a couple of methods you can use to calculate the area of a regular pentagon.

If it is an irregular pentagon the easiest way is to divide it into a number of geometric figures right angled triangles squares or otherwise and then proceed using appropriate formulas. Area of the pentagon ½ p a where a apothem length. A regular pentagon is a five sided geometric shape whose all sides and angles are equal.

Calculate the area of a regular pentagon with side 12 cm and apothem of 75 cm. Area of a regular pentagon 5 s2 4tan 36º where s side length. Area of a Pentagon Formula A Pentagon is a five-sided shape in the Geometry.

A 5 Output. If only the radius is known Area 52 r2 sin 72º where r is the radius. In this method we multiply the apothem with the perimeter of the polygon and then halve it to find the area.

They are given as. This blue line weve been using for the height of the triangles. Follow these steps to calculate area of pentagon.

The area of this pentagon can be found by applying the area of a triangle formula. A regular pentagon has. Interior Angles of 108 Exterior Angles of 72 Area of approximately 17204774 s2 where sside length.

Area of a Pentagon is the amount of space occupied by the pentagon. Visit httpwww3minutemathscouk for quick reminder High School GCSE mathematics videos. Area of Pentagon is given by 52 x s x a.

Identify and write down the side measurement of the pentagon. It may be simple or complex depends on the nature of the problem. Thus to find the total area of the pentagon multiply.

Tan 36º 5-25. Area of pentagon can be calculated by using the above formula for pentagon area. To find the surface area of a pentagon just multiply the side length with apothem length and then multiply the obtained value with the integer 5 and divide the resultant value by the integer 2.

AREA OF PENTAGON 22cm 2 5 110cm 2 What we really needed to know. Given the side of a Pentagon the task is to find the area of the Pentagon. As the polygon is a pentagon having five sides where each side s measures 12 cm its perimeter p is 5 x s 5 x 12 60 cm Now as we know Area A ½ x p x a here p 60 cm and a 75 cm.

The five angles present in the Pentagon are equal. A closed and flat two-dimensional surfaced shape with five angles and five sides is called as pentagon. This video is all about how to work out the area of a pentagon wi.

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