Augment In A Sentence

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Enlarge or increase Last update. He didnt want to augment those differences Often they have purchased supplemental insurance to augment their Medicare coverage.

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Use an engaging combination of basic marketing tactics and augment them with advanced marketing tactics that have proven successful time and time again for the fastest road to success.

Augment in a sentence. See the definition of augment. To augment ones income by doing extra work. Those amendments however did but tend to augment their influence and their power.

Augment Sentence Examples We need to augment the ring to five. To augment something means to make it larger stronger or more effective by adding something to it. Its difficult to see augment in a sentence.

Every word that I uttered seemed to augment his perplexity and distress. That it seems strange to want to copy or augment someone elses work when you could expend just as much energy and have a lot more fun making up your own This may not be what most people imagine when they think of augment ed. Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature The action of picric acid mixed with the paste can only augment and aggravate the irritation of the wounds.

The former Dante proposed to augment the latter to remedy. Sentence with the word augment. 2006 These reserve units will soon be augmented by full-time Maritime Safety and Security Teams.

Synonym Discussion of augment. But does tweaking the play as volatility moves augment the returns. The goal is to augment social interactions during collaborative learning.

Use augment in a sentence During these periods as small-scale wars frequently occurred throughout Japan the daimyo needed to augment their armies so ronin had opportunities to serve new masters. But not content to economise only she thrilled with a scheme to augment their slight income. The former Dantes proposed to augment the latter to remedy.

Examples of Augment in a sentence Because I want to augment my income I am thinking about getting a second job. Definition of augment to increase the size or amount of something Examples of augment in a sentence Because I want to augment my income I am thinking about getting a second job. The immediate effect of his investiture was to augment the haughtiness of the young archbishop.

My thoughts on Fan Fiction are pretty much this. Examples of augment in a Sentence Verb a former member of Brunets team Jean-Renaud Boisserie of Berkeley is in the Middle Awash seeking to augment the animal fossil recordparticularly that of hippopotamuses. Example Sentences for augment Instead of which Paper there may be made use of a small piece of Looking-glass plate one of whose sides is made rough by being rubbd on a flat Tool with very find sand this will if the heat be leisurely cast on it indure a much greater degree of heat and consequently very much augment a convenient light.

It has a built-in Rouzer technology which enables Leangle to augment his capabilities with the powers of the. Which marketing ideas do you feel will best augment your record sales. Augment definition is – to make greater more numerous larger or more intense.

Of course that hasnt stopped Jasper Fforde from saying idiotic things like. Rex Dalton Nature 5 Jan. Augment in a sentence 61.

A n v d verb 0. The side job augment ed his income. What are other ways to say augment.

Examples of Augment in a Sentence. Augment In A Sentence How To Use Augment In A Sentence. While searching for a way to augment the family income she began making dolls.

This operation could not augment in the smallest degree the quantity of money to be lent. Augment in a sentence 1. Augment in a sentence augment example sentences She worked in a bar just to augment family income.

Sentence example with the word augment augment add to blow up compound embitter extend hike up jack up maximize pump reinforce supplement worsen Definition v. How to use augment in a sentence. The plan is to augment what were doing and not replace it.

Instead they plan to augment it as a feeder series. Augment a somewhat formal word means to make greater especially by addition from the outside. We need the business loan in order to augment our warehouse so we can fulfill more orders.

Augment increase The recent speech augmentedtensions in the Near East.

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