Surreptitious In A Sentence

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Its difficult to see surreptitious in a sentence. Examples of Superstitious in a sentence The pitcher never washed his lucky game socks because he was superstitious.

You D Steal Longing Surreptitious Glances At Me From Across The Room Now You Behave As If You Don T Have Feelings F Words Words In Other Languages Cool Words

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Surreptitious in a sentence. THE NASA ENGINEER WHOS A MATHEMATICIAN AT HEART SUSAN DAGOSTINO JANUARY 19 2021 QUANTA MAGAZINE. Marked by quiet and caution and secrecy. Latin surreptÄ«cius stolen clandestine surrept us past participle of surripere to steal sur- sur – 2 -ripere comb.

How To Use Surreptitiously In A Sentence. Conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods. Acting or doing something clandestinely.

EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Quanta Magazine spoke with Darden recently about her experience working for NASA how to make fast planes quieter and her surreptitious visits to speak with schoolchildren and Girl Scouts. Acting in a stealthy way. Kept secret and marked by quiet and caution.

A superstitious person believes breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck. Your surreptitious drug habits will not stay unknown for long. With his girlfriend standing beside him the man gave me a surreptitious wink.

He surreptitiously drank again and yet again for the strangers were convivial. From the Cambridge English Corpus Structural effects on agency typically do not occur surreptitiously. I learned about it from my surreptitious ventures into his personal study.

In the absence of these causes the differential diagnosis narrows to accidental surreptitious or even malicious hypoglycemia or endogenous hyperinsulinism. Done made or acquired by stealth. Obtained done made etc by stealth.

The other shot a swift and surreptitious glance at him. Rory tried to sneak. She eyed him surreptitiously noting the oddly showy silver watch chain peeking from his waistcoat pocket.

There are many billiard halls where prohibited drinks are more or less surreptitiously obtained. Done secretly without anyone seeing or knowing. He could get a surreptitious mind reading out of him if he needed to.

She did take an occasional surreptitious l. After hitting the lottery the private family hoped to keep their surreptitious winnings to themselves. To prevent surreptitious advertising consumers will be informed at the start of a programme that product placement is in use.

Margot had been. Surreptitious videotaping surreptitious glimpse surreptitious web surreptitious fashion prevent surreptitious. The politician made a surreptitious deal with the drug cartel.

Examples of surreptitious in a sentence. Surreptitious in a sentence surreptitious example sentences The surreptitious idling around the Chester railway station or. Espionage however is always surreptitious in one form or another.

Random good picture Not show. He made a surreptitious entrance to the club through the little door in the brick wall. Sentence Examples Sydney police have promised to crack down on all such surreptitious snapping.

She completed the assignment in a surreptitious secret manner. There was a lot of surreptitious advertising for the hidden cafe. Other Words from surreptitious Synonyms Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about surreptitious.

These locks afforded little protection against forced and surreptitious entry. Before the treaty was signed by the president it was surreptitiously published. Examples of surreptitiously Secondly a man surreptitiously removes a 5 note from ones jacket pocket as one is walking down the street.

I feel very surreptitious walking around this place. She sneaked a surreptitious glance at her watch. Jack realized his girlfriend was superstitious when she threw the spilled salt over her shoulder.

What did that surreptitious excursion portend. Form of rapere to seize rape 1 -Ä«cius -itious 34. She carried out a surreptitious search of his belongings.

Sentence Examples You dont have to have one foot in the grave to remember the bookies runners surreptitiously collecting betting slips in pubs. Surreptitious BASE jumps are often made from tall buildings and antenna towers. It is a very catholic hospital.

Taking pains to avoid being observed 2. Examples of Surreptitious in a sentence. She seemed to be listening to what I was saying but I couldnt help noticing her surreptitious glances at the clock.

Delicious ambitious auspicious capricious expeditious. The dog has his surreptitious ways of stealing table scraps behind my back. Stealthy a surreptitious glance.

He made a surreptitious recording with a concealed hand-held machine.

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