What Does Lush Mean

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The rolling kiddeys had a spree and got bloody lushey. Lush definition of vegetation plants grasses etc luxuriant.

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Hence it has come to mean an excess of.

What does lush mean. Says the name Lush means Full of juice or succulenceHow lush and lusty the grass looks. Lush as an adjective is truncated from lusciousie. An example of lush is Marilyn Monroe.

Lʌʃ of plants or an area of land with plants growing close together and in large numbers. All acronyms 3 Chat Sub Cultures 2 Education Schools 1. Having thick and luxurient vegetation.

Characterized by abundance or luxurience. A habitual heavy drinker. What does LUSH mean.

Synonym Discussion of lush. Plants full of juice are lush which is perhaps why a person who drinks too much alcohol is called a lush. LUSH used as a noun is very rare.

The lake with its lush scenery is a favorite with canoeists. Perhaps a humorous use of lush adj or from Romany or Shelta tinkers jargonnnLUSHEY. Oh that was Lush or that was absolutely lush and i think i will have it again.

Most Common Lush Meaning Lush means great or attractive. A lush is a drunk. Information and translations of LUSH in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Lush also means plush or even extravagant like a thick shag carpet music with lots of layers or a bedroom wallpapered in velvet. Drunkard 1890 from earlier 1790 slang meaning liquor especially in phrase lush ken alehouse. The dashing lads went on a party of pleasure and got very drunk.

Extravagant or luxurious as in ornamentation. Lush refers to a copious growth of moistsucculent green leaf as witness the abundant amount of tree leaves and greenery in general this soggy summer. LUSH is an acronym abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the LUSH definition is given.

The lush decor of a grand hotel. Summary of Key Points Attractive Person is the most common definition for LUSH on Snapchat WhatsApp Facebook Twitter and Instagram. You might hear people saying Lush after finishing a meal or tasting something.

What does LUSH mean. Also Know does lush mean alcoholic. Definition of lush from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press.

LUSH means Attractive Person. User Submitted Meanings A user from New York US. Definition of lush Entry 2 of 3 1 slang.

The definition of lush is something that is full or exists in abundance. Lush is short for luscious which means tasting delish or delicious. How to use lush in a sentence.

An example of lush is vegetation in the rainforest. Similarly what does lush mean in British slang. It also is a woman with a sensuous body.

A person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually Familiarity information. Lush definition is – growing vigorously especially with luxuriant foliage. Delectable divinesucculent or sweet.

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